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Sunday, 29 April 2018


Chapter 42

    "You haven't still heard anything from him?..... Oh shii, did you check his phone records to see who he had contacted before his disappearance?....... Are you insane? How could you have ignored such information?...... Okay, its okay, please check now, thanks." Katie hung up and started pacing around again, she hadn't sat down since she heard of the disappearance of Fred, she has searched possible places with Tony who also never relented in his search. Where did he go to? Where did he disappear to? She couldn't help but get worried. "Just calm down Katie, who was that?" Tony, who was facing his laptop, obviously trying his best to get a location at least, asked. "The chief of police, can you believe they haven't checked his phone records since he went missing?" Katie replied questioningly. Katie put a facial search in all the places in Danpa and hoped to find a match soon, it was getting extremely difficult to get him. How could he had disappeared to the extent of them not finding him when she had seen him at the club just before she left for her date with Tony, that was the same day he got missing according to the report of his servants, he hadn't come back home that day and she was guessing she was the last person to see him. He couldn't have travelled because his name wasn't on the list of any of the flights, then where could he have gone to?. Katie informed Tv stations and gave them his pictures promising anyone who would bring him back a reward. He used to visit his father everyday, but he hadn't been there either, the nurses hadn't seen him. Where on earth could he be? "Georgina!! It would be her! Who could do such a thing if not her? She kidnapped him, she must have. Tony do you think Georgina had a hand in this?" Katie asked. "Ain't sure bout that, why would she kidnap him? What exactly would she gain, I can't imagine what she would gain from kidnapping him, lets just continue our search and keep her out of it." Tony replied. "She is the principal searcher in this, when did she start caring about Fred? I don't just understand." She still had her doubts. "Well, to clear your doubts, let's see if she could be involved by checking any possible connection between she and Fred and her whereabouts lately." Tony beckoned to her to join in the search too. "I remember Fred talking to her rudely at the Women Organisation and cancelling all their meetings. Do you think she is paying him back for the insults?" Katie asked Tony who just shrugged, not knowing anything about it. "You were both at the organisation?" Tony asked, somehow with a tone of Jealousy which Katie had no time to notice right then. "He had been invited as the special guest to the organisation and Georgina had been there too, we had some...." She was interrupted by Tony. "That's okay then, let's search for her." They both settled to search when her phone rang continuously, it was an unknown number, she picked.
    "Hello..... Who is this?...... You could let one of your agents inform him, why me?... I'm not his fiancee and nothing is between us, don't get me wrong...... Fine fine, I'll go, bye." She hung up to face Tony's questionining look. "The police, they feel its appropriate that Fred's father knew about his disappearance, he has the right to and they want me to be the one that will break the news to him." She explained to him. "Why you? You aren't his family nor are you related to him." Tony said. His mood had changed, she noticed, could he be jealous? Why would he even be when she was his already? The harshness of his voice proved it. "Its what I told them but they wouldn't listen, they said I am the only one that has a little bit of closeness with him and the way he defended me at the organisation did some funny things in the minds of the people, they feel it right for me to tell his father." Katie explained further. "Oh yeah, go, just go." Tony said and pretended to face his computer. Katie smiled. "Tony look, you shouldn't act like this. There is nothing going on between Fred and I, you should know that. There was an attraction between us, I would not deny that, but all of that has ended now, I don't love him anymore Tony can you hear me? I DON'T LOVE HIM ANYMORE! I have you now and you have nothing to worry about. You are the best thing that has happened to me and I want to settle with you. And I promise you that there won't be anything between us again, he had a chance, he lost it, he lost to you, now its your chance, don't ruin it with Jealousy, I am all yours." She told him and for the first time in a long while, tears dropped from her eyes, not only because of the truth in what she said, but she cried for the last time for losing Fred. Tony kissed her tears away. "You are my everything Katie, I don't wanna lose you." He wrapped her in his arms then. He later set her free so she could set to go to the Clinic to see Mr Stiles.
    Fifteen minutes later she was done and on her way to the Clinic. She had never seen Fred's father before and none of his family members, maybe that was the reason for her nervousness. She drove into the clinic and parked. She sat patiently in her car for some minutes, thinking how his father would look like and if he would have accepted her if she was still dating Fred, what kind of man he was and the extent of his disability. She later got out and went straight to the administration block to state her mission. She was given pass and was escorted by a nurse to his apartment, she stood firm, raised her chin and walked elegantly behind the nurse. Some old men might be annoying and demanding though Fred's father was still in his fifties or so, she still wanna take her stand. She finally got to a bed and saw a old, weary and thin man lying helplessly on it. Her guards immediately went down. "Mr Stiles, one Lady is here to see you." The nurse announced, Katie could see the excitement in his face when he heard 'a lady'. It was either he had something for ladies or none had come to visit him before. "Damn old woman, I told you to call me by my name, Cameron, Cameron! I'm not old yet and don't let the pretty lady think I am." Cameron said, Katie couldn't help but chuckle, he was just like Fred. The nurse smiled also before she left.
   "Young Lady please take a seat." Katie sat down. His condition was heartbreaking, this was what Fred had put up with all those years, making him hate women. Georgina should be hanged for this. "I'm Katie Laurens, a friend of Fred's." She introduced. "Just a Friend? Awwn." Cameron mimicked a sad face, making Katie laugh. "Guess you are the lady Fred was always talking about. Katie Laurens, he always talked about you, every time, and every time he talked about you, I could see the fire in his eyes. You are the woman who has got my son's heart Katie, finally, we meet." Cameron said, maybe he got it all wrong, what was he saying. Fred never even loved her, he deceived his father too? How stupid! "You got it all wrong Mr Stiles, sorry, Cameron. There is nothing between the both of us." She told him but he didn't believe, he sure thinks she was trying to cover up but she didn't care. "Children of nowadays." He chuckled. "That's the main reason I am here, for Fred. I'm sorry to announce to you that your son has gone missing, he disappeared about a week ago. We are trying our best to find him and I promise you that we will find him soon, that's all, please put your trust in us and pray that our search be successful, thanks." Staying with the man made her feel uncomfortable already and before he would say anything else about Fred, she should get going. She stood up to leave. "I knew it, I knew Veronica would do something to harm my son, she should be lucky I can't get on my two feet, I would have plucked her eyes off, that shameless woman." Katie heard Cameron mutter, her eyes went wide open.
    "Veronica? Georgina? What makes you think she was the one who did this?" Katie sat down back, getting more curious, he seemed so sure. "Of course she did it, she came here the other time, threatening me. She found out I am alive and she came to threaten not to make me live, so I wouldn't be able to expose her bad deeds. She said she would kill me and let Frederick my kid pay for my sins, this is how she intends to pay me back." Cameron told her. Georgina wants to kill him? His life was in danger then. She needed to protect him, she would have to take him far away from her, she would have to do that. "Your life must be in danger then, you need protection, how come you never told anyone, I will call for attention right away." Katie said and tried standing up but was held back by his hand which was too strong for a man in his state. "You never asked which deeds I am talking about." Well that wasn't all that mattered, his life was more important. "When you are safe, you can tell me, I will be back." She said and stood up. "You can't trust her young Lady, she can strike at anytime, I am not scared of death, I just need to tell you something and I want you to record it, please." Cameron pleaded. The fuck, he didn't care about his own life? She didn't trust Georgina too and that's the reason she intended on taking him to a safe place, she would inform the nurses and alert Tony, he would be protected before she got back and then she would arrange for their flight immediately. "I'm sorry, your life is more important." She told him. "Stop being stubborn, don't you want to hear what happened to Curtis Jefferson and how Georgina framed your father for it?" Katie stopped dead in her tracks, what the fuck!!!


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