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Saturday, 14 April 2018


Chapter 1

Aderonke Adeniji.  She comes from the family four, two girls and two boys. Her parents are disciplinarians. They are the “take no nonsense” parents who still practice corporal punishment.  Her sister, Adenike is successful banker. Her brother, Adejimi is still in the University studying medicine.  The third child of the house, Adebamiji, is also in the University studying Law.  Ronke being the last child, you can imagine the stress and pressure placed on her to follow the footsteps of her older siblings.  It’s so sad.  Ronke wants to be a fashion designer and a professional dancer.  But her parents are against it.  They are these “white collar job” obsessed people. They want her to study Mechanical engineering, which is something Ronke hates.  I mean she always wanted to be in the art class when she got to senior secondary school but she had to concur to her parents wishes and got to science class.  Ronke is actually not the brightest student at school. She’s an average student who doesn’t get an F in her subjects but she’s not the straight A’s student like her sister and brothers.  This alone is a “crime” to her parents.  And she gets punished for it one way or the other. 
  As you’ve noticed, Aderonke’s family is all about perfection.  Being perfect and maintaining that perfection in the public.  For the ladies, you must always be prim and proper.  Not a hair is out of place.  Same goes for the boys. Ronke hates that prim and proper attitude.  She’s a firm believer of being yourself  and not crafting out some image of you you have to maintain all the time.  She’s a believer of work a little  and play a little... Work and play must be balanced.  She’s also a believer of doing what you want, what makes you happy. And she’s not a fan of white collar jobs.  She made an analysis of how the Nigerian Job sector is. Let’s call it Aderonke’s Theory even tho  every intelligent person out there knows it. She said and I cote…” Nigerians place too much value on Formal education which isn’t really necessary to me. Because of this, Universities produces a lot of graduates into the economy. But the economy doesn’t have enough job vacancies for the graduates. And this graduates insist on the employment provided by the economy  namely Government jobs and Private jobs aka white collar jobs. This is the reason why graduates flood the whole of Nigeria. This is why entrepreneurship is a great solution to unemployment in Nigeria. People should take up entrepreneur jobs like shoe making, fashion illustration,fashion designing, different businesses… Etc.”
Ronke can keep on coting this theory forever, it won’t change her parents mind about her studying Mechanical engineering.  She just resigns to her fate.

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