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Sunday, 15 April 2018


At school, Ronke has a clique of friends.  They do all what normal teenagers do. Talk about boys, joke around, exchange gifts, gossip, talk about the latest gists, compete academically, etc. Overall, she’s a good student. The teachers love her.  She rarely gets into trouble. She’s like a flame that attracts moths.  A lot of guys are attracted to her, based on her beauty and intelligence. I mean, who doesn’t want something good. She’s had many advances but she turned them down because of her family law and custom which states “no dating in secondary school”. She adheres to the rule because she doesn’t want to face the consequences of not adhering.  She learned from her sister’s mistake. 
  Adenike, had a crush on her class mate Tobiloba. Lucky for her, he also likes her. Tobi decided to shoot his shot and he asked her to be his girlfriend.  Nike who was in love then decided to accept his request and be his girlfriend thinking what her parents don’t know won’t hurt them. She started coming home late and making up imaginary weekend classes. At first, her parents  didn’t notice this changes.  She started taking it for granted and got care free. Just a particular weekend, Nike got in from “her weekend lessons” very late. Which got her  parents panicked and they called the school authorities. Igbam!!!  They discovered that their precious daughter lied about weekend lectures.  Ewoooo!!!  Chenike!!! Her parents calmly sat in the sitting room, waiting and thinking of the ways to punish Nike. 
  Nike got home 7:00pm. She tried tiptoeing inside as silent as she can. But suddenly, the lights were turned on. Nike knew then that she’s in a pot of trouble.  A caldron of trouble. “Nike, come over to the sitting room”, her dad said.  She noticed the calmness in which he spoke and then she knew that she’s really doomed. She walked to the room and she stood like a catfish brought to land.  “Where have you been???”, her mom asked. “Weekend classes MA,  we finished late today that’s I came home late”, Nike answered. 
“Really???”, her mom asked with one eyebrow raised in question.  “Yes ma”, Nike prayed for them to believe her lie. 
“Then why were you sneaking into the house???”, Nike’s father asked. 
Nike said “she didn’t want to wake the whole house up”. That earned her two slaps, on both cheeks, from both parents.  Nike could swear that she saw the stars singing.  
“We called the school authorities and we’re were told that there hasn’t been any weekend classes going on for the past one month.” Her father said. 
“So, where have you been going Nike???”,asked her mother.  “Don’t even think of lying cos you’ll only add to your punishment.” warned her parents . Nike suddenly started stammering.
“Ehn… the…I did go to less…on… I… didn’t didn’t  go theerrreee... wass leee..son being or..or..ganized” That alone earned a her beating from her dads belt.
“Give me your phone ” her mom demanded. Nike’s eyes widened at the implication.  She was going to read her chats.  She had no choice but to turn the phone over. “Go stool down over there” her dad commanded.  It took her parents an hour to finish reading her chats.
“Who’s Tobiloba???” asked her mom.  “Tobi is a friend of mine”, she answered shakily.  “Really??? A friend of yours that you love like crazy???” Her mom asked.  Her dad moved to hit her but her mom pulled him back saying it’s not yet time for her punishment.
“Moom, he’s just a close friend of mine. Nothing more. I can swear”, replied Nike, trying to save her skin.
“ Will you keep quiet ?!! It’s your very close friend that you want to kiss like crazy, Ehnnn??? It’s your close friend that you miss his lips on yours???  It’s your close friend that you’re looking for a place to be alone with him!!!  To do what????  So fun mi.  Ehn? It’s your close friend that you’re sex chatting with???  Ehnnn??? Answer me na.  Haa, enu e wo wo, you can’t answer me again.”  That’s when the beatings started. Oh lawd!!!  She received the beating of her life before she was asked to answer the allegations.  Nike saw that she has no choice but to say the truth. She then confessed that they were dating.
  “How many times did the both of you kiss?”, her mom asked.
“Ehmmm, I don’t know”.
“Haa, lobatan, my child is already wayward.  At what age are you kidding boys up and down??? Lord knows the number of boys you’ve kissed.  How many boys have you kissed sef???”
“it’s only Tobi I kissed” she whispered.
“What did you say???  You still have the guts to talk???  Only God knows if you guys haven’t had sex!  Have you ????”
“Haaa, no ooo” Nike denied. 
“How do I believe you??? Ehn,  you’re going to do virginity test tomorrow.”
“Continue with your punishment” said her dad as he pulled her mom to discuss the nature of her punishment.
Her parents decided that she’ll be grounded, her phone and laptop will be seized.  She and her boyfriend will be reported to the school authorities and they’re to be punished during school assembly.  She’s to cut off whatever relationship she has with Tobi.  The rest of her life as a secondary school student was lived like a prison life.  Ronke seeing this determined that she’ll never end up like her sister.  Little did she know that what life has in store for her is worse.

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