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Wednesday, 4 April 2018


chapter 101
“If you don't have anything good to say let me start going" she said angrily.
“Relax am trying to think of something”
“Okay, what did you cook self?”
Without waiting for reply she stood up and walk to my pot, (after the bomb she dropped na food be her problem abi) she open it and saw rice and stew, she drop her pox and took the food out to warm, i remain in bed thinking of what to do, she said she has taken all drugs and it didn't work, what else can i do? let me even call my doctor friend self.
I took my phone and dial his number, the number ring but he didn't pick, i redial the number and still no response so i gave up and drop the phone, i will call him later.
I took my phone again and enter Google i started Searching for drugs that can be used to terminate pregnancy, i saw many results but i don't know which one works better and risk free, though they are all risky but i don't mind the risk so far the job is done, so far she nor die.
I wrote some of the drugs down and when Mitchele started eating i show her the drugs, she said she know them and she has even taken two of the five drugs i wrote for her, she said if she is not careful her womb might destroy that she will take the list to a doctor to tell her which one to take, i told her i will still call my doctor friend and seek for advice too, she really look scared and i don't blame her because if our people find out we will be in deep poo.
We lay in bed and discuss more for more than one hour before she bade goodbye, she even kiss me before going and i look flabbergasted.
She is really down i guess she has been thinking and thinking, oh well if the thing no fit go na to deny am oh, i go deny am well well.
After she leave i took my bath and dress up to go to class, i bought some juice and drink for strength because am terribly weak, i didn't even eat self.
I enter bus to the street of my center and then i started walking after coming down, i walk inside gently and look for a free computer, i bury myself inside and started playing game, i was playing chicken invaders, is very common around there, i was playing not that my mind is there, i would have remain at home but i know my manager will question me, there is no sign of Ngozi, i guess she won't be coming back again, i think i will go visit them when am done here, she said she want to come and visit me i think it's better i go her place, with the way things are going now it is better i stop entertaining visitors, anybody can come to my house anytime and after what i did to Ria, i don't want to piss her off more than this, i will still make it up with her but not now, for now Mitchele pregnancy is my number one priority.
I did what i can and when it's two i took my things and started going to Ngozi house, i got there and saw the padlock heavily lock, i dial both of their number but they were switched off, i hope nothing is wrong because am getting scared honestly, i return home and continue dialing their number, i even dial Ria number and she told me she's working, she said she will try visit me weekend,.
The next day i tried Mitchele number but it wasn't going, i keep trying throughout that day until evening when i saw her number calling, i pick it up and was surprised to hear her junior brother voice.
“John how far, wey Mitchele?”
“She they hospital oh, doctor said she tried to commit an abortion, she's in a coma now" he said.
My mind skipped.

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