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Wednesday, 4 April 2018


chapter 102
“What!” I said, sounding like I don't know what he is talking talking about.
I quickly cut the call and quickly help myself with water before I pass out, after drinking the water I started breathing heavily like someone suffering from stroke.
After five minutes later I regain myself and started thinking again, so if the abortion didn't work does that mean she's still carrying the baby?
I hope not because it can't happen at all, not now nor ever because my people will never hear something like that, it is an abomination, a sacrilege and can never happen.
I don't know what to do again apart from walking round the room and sweating seriously, I think I need somebody to calm me down, I need a girl to talk to I just need someone to talk to, my mind is too filled up to carry this trouble alone, (na by this time I understand why stroke they catch people).
I dial temih number it didn't go and I dial NGO number it didn't go too, I don't know anybody else to call, I don't want to call Ria again because she told me she will only come weekend, I can't call her again so it doesn't look like am disturbing her, the only person that would have be of help to me is Aneeta but she's gone and I can't visit her now, she ran away on her own and she don't want to see me so I have to leave her alone, at least for now.
Not knowing what to do I took some money and my phone and walk out of my house, I came to the main road and walk to my left for three minutes before I enter one local bear parlour with rugged guys smoking inside, not minding the environment I sat down on a round table and order for hot drink, I started drinking till night, I drank five bottle and still want more, I don't want to leave so the bar man drove me off his bar, I lay a curse on him and started staggering home, I was seeing double figures, it was dark and I was eager to get home on time so I fasten my footstep.
After three minutes I stop in one compound thinking it was mine, I lay on the doorstep and slept there till the next morning.

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