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Thursday, 5 April 2018


chapter 103
I got to their compound and saw many cars park outside like something is going on their, oh boy fear no let me take one more step, my heart beat increased instantly like a machine that's receiving pressure., I turn my back immediately and started walking back, if nothing is going there then why so many cars there? Its obvious that they know something already.
As I was going back I saw one guy coming and I know him because he is their neighbor, I saw him the other time that I visited them.
“Hello excuse me” I said and the boy stop and face me.
“Good evening bros (not that he is up to bros level, i just did it for his cooperation)”i greeted.
“Good evening sir” he replied.
“Please do you know what's going on in that compound?”
“Oh, you mean sister Mitchele house?” He questioned.
“I heard she got pregnant and she tried to remove it and it almost cost her live”
“Jesus” I said showing surprise.
“The worst thing is that she got pregnant by one of his cousin”
“Are you serious?” I shouted.
“Of course, they are talking about what to do now” he added.
“Okay thanks for your time”
“You welcome” he said and continue his journey.
I didn't wait so that they won't see me, since the beans has been spilled out already, it is time to run, but why haven't they call me since? Or maybe they want to surprise me in my house.
I quickly take a bus back home and gather few of my things that are vital and lock my door immediately.
“Neighbour wetin they pursue you na?” My landlord daughter ask, the one I was crushing on.
“Am late for lesson, so I have to hurry” I lied.
“Alright, when are you taking me out na?” She asked, I wonder why she didn't ask me all this while oh, is it now that am on the run that she will ask?
“When I return” I said, it dosnt mean I should stop having fun just because am on the run, even if am married a beautiful girl like the landlord daughter is someone I can't resist (I hope my future wife is not reading this).
I ran out of the compound in haste and started walking looking at my shoulder, I didn't follow the main road, I took the other part that leads to fidelis house, I pass that side to school of health benin and then enter the main road from there to Temihsmart house, when I got there I saw the padlock still heavily lock, I was angry at myself, where do I go now?
I was confuse not know what to do and then the worst happened, my mother started calling, of course I dare not pick, she called thrice and then my sister resume from where she stop, na there I know my cup done full.
I return to my computer center and started operating, not that my mind is there anyway I just need someplace to crash, when it's six I left and started wandering in the big city of Benin, I don't know where else to go and who to call, of course my people kept on calling in that my battery started showing low battery signal because of the call, my only hope now is to wait for Ria to get my passport ready so that I run away from Nigeria, before I return back I would have been a millionaire and when I speak to people all they will be seeing is money, that is the only way I can get my respect back, though my mum will always take me back anytime.
I relax in one beer parlour till eight, when it dawn on me that no hope for me I decided to return home and see if they might have leave, not that I know they were there anyway.
I got home quietly and saw my door lock with another key, it means that they came and talk to my landlord, but that's not right now is it? Except my sister was with them.
Since it dawn on me that I don't have anywhere to go I take a bus to Aneeta house and knock on her door.

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