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Friday, 6 April 2018


Chapter 104
Oh well call me a mad man or and idiot but she's the second person that can help me now after Ria, since Ria is not available for now then I have to come here and hide, not only that, I also need to see how she is doing beside she's going to be carrying my baby soon (I hope so).
I keep on knocking for three minutes seems like the person inside is sleeping or rather bathing, I stop knocking since nobody want to open up, I started thinking what to do before I heard a crack on the door, my heart started beating very fast because I don't know what to expect, there is a gate before the door I stand in front of the gate looking at the door, the person open the front door, as she came out and ask who is there she saw my bright face standing in front of the gate, when she saw me her mind skip and she quickly turn back and lock the gate, that's not what I expect though am not surprise.
“Please open up we need to talk” I said trying to find a reason for her to open the door for me, if she don't open up there is nowhere else for me to go.
“Aneeta please”.
“ go home there is nothing for you here” she shouted from inside the house.
“Please Aneeta I don't have any other place to go” I said.
“Then go and sleep on the street and leave my house, am going to bed now” she said still standing firm on her word.
I saw the sitting room light went off and then a little footstep inside the house and then nothing, no sound, no light and no hope.
Oh well what am I expecting before? To be welcomed with open arms? That's not going to happen and I know it anyway.
I will just sleep in front of her gate here till the next morning where I will think of something else, my phone is down now I can't make or receive calls, I wish I know what's up with Temihsmart then I won't bother coming here anyway, I have done many bad things but impregnating my sister is a big offence, it wasn't my fault it's her, why did she come to me when I visited them at their home? Now am suffering like a mad man.
I lay down in front of her gate and continue thinking, mosquitoes are everywhere but I can't feel them because my heart is already hurting me, if I can power up my phone I will call her junior brother so that he will tell mW everything, he used to be my boy that time but now I really don't know, are they going to remove the pregnancy or they will allow her to give birth? So many questions running through my mind with nobodg to answer, I wish I knew I would have just concentrate on my studies instead of all this wahala oh.
I slept in front of her gate and then when I started hearing morning crow I knew the day is fast approaching, I took my things and started walking back to my house, from sapele road to dumez that's like one hour walk if am fast, I didn't count the distance I just started walking immediately, I walk till I started sweating even though its morning and everywhere is cold, I sweat a lot because of the hairs in my body, that's how God created me and I like it like that, some people like it while others don't, oh well anything am with a lady all they stare at is my hairs and anything am with them in bed they always touch my hairs especially in my chest, some even offer to plate it self.

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