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Friday, 6 April 2018


Chapter 105
I walk till I got to dumez road, I make sure to be looking front and back while walking because Benin is dangerous in the night, even day time Benin is dangerous not to talk of night.
Not only arm robbers operate in the night people flying to Dubai and India are the worst, I believe its because of them we didn't have airport on time.
As I continue walking the darkness started fading away little by little.
I got to my street and enter inside, I pass my landlord house and walk through the back, I look at the key they used in locking my door, it's very big, there is no how i can manage to break it.
I brought out my key, there is a sharp knife attached with my key I started using it to remove the panel of my door, luckily my neighbours doors are also lock meaning they are not at home. Maybe they went for holiday or they are writing exam so they went to sleep with their friends.
I continue scrapping the door for more than twenty minutes till the nail give up, I remove the first nail and the rest the rest give way easily, I remove the metal from the door and gently enter inside without anybody noticing, I close the door behind and relax on my bed, I just wanted to relax but I didn't know when sleep enter my eyes and when I woke up again everywhere was bright and quiet, I quickly plug my phone and switch it on, the time say 11:05 AM, that means I slept for more than five hours, how can that be possible and why didn't my neighbor or the landlord check to see who is inside the room, oh well am lucky and now that there is light I just need to charge my phone full and run away, I saw different messages but I close them without reading any of them, I don't want to read them for now, I on my stove and cook indomie and ate.
I gently open my door and check if there is still anybody in the compound and after confirming that the compound is empty I quickly took some water and run to the bathroom, after bathing I came out and guess who I saw.

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