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Saturday, 7 April 2018


Chapter 106
I saw my one of my landlord son (the guy i gave drink the other time) making fire maybe to cook something, when I saw him my mind skip at once.
“Good morning bros” he greeted.
“Guy how far na” I replied.
“Am fine, this one you scarce so I hope everything is fine” He ask.
“Yeah, everything is fine” I said.
“Okay na, by the way your sister came here yesterday, she told my mother to call her anytime you return” he said.
“Really, thanks I called her already” I lied.
“Okay na, I will tell my mother not to bother calling her again”. He said.
“ no need, just pretend like you didnt see me” I said.
“Okay then, no wahala” he said and continue making his fire.
I enter inside my room and started dressing up, immediately my phone started ringing, I was scared to even look at the screen because I believed the person calling is my relative so I totally ignore, the phone continue ringing for like five times, I finish dressing and manage to put my mind together, I look at the screen and saw Ria, I quickly pick the call immediately.
“Good day, I have be calling for like six times now, where did you go?” She questioned.
“Am sorry I was in the bathroom taking my bath” I said.
“Alright, so I hope you no longer moaning over your grandpa?”
“No am fine now”
“That's good to hear, so what will u be doing tomorrow?” She ask.
“Nothing, just go to lesson and return back to rest” I said.
“Good, get ready am coming to take you out by four tomorrow, I have something for you”.
“What's that?”
“You will know when we meet, for now its a secret” she said.
“Okay I can't wait to meet you then” that's what she want, to put me in suspense.
“Good, till tomorrow then, by for now”.
“Alright dear”. I said.
She cut the call, and I my mind change a little bit, at least I can take my mind off all those stuff disturbing me, I just hope I don't get caught before that tomorrow sha.
After sometime my phone started ringing again, I look at the screen and saw my mum, of course I know she's worried so I have to pick her call now, I don't want anything to happen to her because she can think a lot.
“Hello mama” I said as I pick the call.
“Oz, thank God at last I get you, how are you?”
“Am fine ma”.
“ where have you been all this while?”
“Am sorry ma, I went out with a friend”.
“ okay, Oz is it true you impregnate Mitchele?”

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