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Saturday, 7 April 2018


chapter 107
That question caught me off guard, totally off guard.
“What!” I said.
“My sister called and told me you impregnate Mitchele, am not trying to castigate you I just want to know so that we will know how to tackle it” my said said.
“Come on mum you believe something like that?” I ask.
“I don't know that's why am asking me, they cannot remove it oh and they are going to keep it, so if its true tell me now let me know how to tackle it before its too late”.
“No its not true mum, am innocent please nothing like that happen” I said.
“Alright if you say so no problem, just know that they will conduct text after she give birth” added my mum.
“No wahala na” I said.
“Alright, if things are hard there just come home okay?”
“Am fine mum, am trying to gain admission here I can't leave now, and beside my training is not over yet”
“Okay then, try and call your sister, shes really angry”
“I will do so mum”
“Alright then take care” she concluded.
“Okay bye mum”.
I cut the call and heave a sign of relief, it wasn't easy but I came through, I don't know if I made a mistake not telling her it was me that knack her the akpako, but I can't just open my mouth and say something like that na, if they want to find out they should wait till after the text, am not ready to confess to anything for now.
I sleep on my bed thinking about everything again, there is no way I can escape from it so far Mitchele has tried all her best to remove it with no success then the beans will finally come out one day, and it won't exceed nine or ten months from now, that's why am trying my best to get everything from Ria because when the truth finally comes out I will be left alone, nobody will sponsor my education again, I regret ever sleeping with her.
I took my phone and try NGO and Temihsmart number again but as usual their phone are still switch off, I don't know how to get in touch with them, only NGO is through with her study not Temihsmart, the best I can do is to trace Temihsmart in that school of health because I really need to know what's up with them, on Monday I will dress up and visit the school even though I don't even know where to start looking for her but at least I know she's studying midwifery I think, but I can't just go to the department and start asking questions like news casters na, I need to know the exact level she is, oh well when the time comes I will know what to do.
I will also go to my center tomorrow and ask for my certificate, am tired of going to that center every day and now that am on the run I need to start packing my things and as for Aneeta I will devise a plan to see her but not now.
I remain indoor till evening when people has start coming back from work, I took my small bag with little money, my phone and charger and then I lock my door and just insert the nail so that when people see it they will think the door is lock, I walk out of the compound with my head on the ground, of course I don't want anybody to see me so I have to lay low, I want to visit them NGO again before I visit fidelis, I will stay in her house till night then I will gently return hoping nobody will see me.
I enter the road to NGOs house and as I walk I keep checking my side till I leave the street and enter main road, I walk pass my computer center and I believe they would have close by now, I keep on walking for ten minutes till I reach their house, I walk inside the compound and check the door, the door is still lock with the same key, I was frustrated and angry also, where did they go to that they didn't even bother to tell me before disappearing, didn't they know I will be worried, the only thing they sent me was the heart breaking message that they need to see me, I was busy with Mitchele then so I couldn't see them then, and now they have completely gone blind, I wish I know this is how things will turn up I would have try to see them then, I find my way back to my street and then I pass the school of health and turn to fidelis house, I just hope she will be at home this time because I have nowhere else to go, when I get there I will apologize for last time and try to play with her till night when I can return to my house, I get to the house and knock on the gate, one of the landlord daughter came and we exchange greeting,

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