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Sunday, 8 April 2018


Chapter 108
remember the girl I gave my phone last time? She's the one.she's now even more beautiful than last time with her weaven waving like a running ocean, she opened the door for me and let me in, I ask if fidelis is around and she confirm that she is, I thank her and went to fidelis room to knock, she answer at first knock and came to the door.
She open up and saw me standing there.
“Oga you remember me today?” She said.
“i never forget you now just that I was afraid to visit you so that you don't drive me away” I said.
“So what push you to come today, are you not afraid anymore?” She said.
“Please can I at least come in first?”
She open the door ajar signaling for me to come in, I enter the room and sit on the chair, with the way things are I guess she's cooking, and am glad I came at the right time because am damn hungry.
“Am really sorry for last time please forgive me” I said.
“I have forgiven you since, so that's why you stop coming to my house?”
“Yes oh, I was ashame” I said.
“Ha, and your wife has been asking about you since”.
“ which of my wife again?”
“Landlord daughter na”
“Ha abeg forget about that one, am already in too much trouble already” I said.
“What kind of trouble?” She ask.
“Don't worry joor, how are you?”
“So you don't want to talk, or is it the one that made your sister to visit me?” she said.
“What! Are you kidding me?”
“Am serious, she came here asking about here, I even called you that day but your line was dead” she added.
“Waoh, so someone cannot go to night party in peace again?”.
“ so you went to night party? Is that why she travel here to ask of you?”
“Its a complicated matter abeg just forget about that one, let's talk about something else” I said trying to run away from much questions.
“Oh well if you say so” she said.
“So what are you cooking?”
“White rice and vegetation” she said.
“Thank God I came at the right time” I said smiling.
“Oh yeah I've missed you too”.
I stay with till night, we talk about her school, her family in Delta, her fiancé and so many other time, when its time for me to go she became sad, she bade goodbye after giving small rice and stew in cooler for me to eat at home, I bade her goodbye as she lock the main door behind me, I walk gently to my house and remove the key, as I was about to enter inside I heard from my back.
“Welcome bros, we done they wait for you since”.

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