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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


They left and then I open the door and enter inside, I fell down on the bed and heave a sign of relief, I know I must escape tomorrow morning before she returns because I definitely don't have anything to say to her now, I impregnate Mitchele and even if I deny it I can't lie forever because the result will surely come out, she doesn't even know about Aunty Aneeta yet oh because if she manage to find out I just can't think how she will react.
I called Ria to confirm our meeting tomorrow and I told her to pick me up on the express way before our street instead for her to drive in, I will wait for her outside the street because once I live this place tomorrow I won't be coming back or so I thought.
They brought light and I make sure to plug my phone and set alarm before I sleep, I try to sleep but many things keep running through my mind, how the hell am I gonna get out of all this problem? Everything is just too heavy for me which make my head to start paining me as if someone took mortar and pestle and start pounding my head, I feel the pain till sleep finally swept me off.
I woke up some hours later by then the pain has multiplied, I didn't know what to do because no chemist will be open by this time, I got up and drank some water I even wash my head with water to reduce the heat but it just won't stop, I as angry asking myself why now that I want to meet with Ria, oh well if the head like let it keep pounding that won't stop me from going out with Ria.
I couldn't sleep any longer so I just remain awake looking at the ceiling and praying to God so that the day to break quick, I check my phone and saw that it past two, since I can't sleep I started packing my things with my clothes, I pack everything and then arrange it in back of the door, I check the cooler and remove the rice I warm the food and then consume everything, I wash all the pot and then when am through with everything I check the time again and saw after four, I was glad and happy so I took my wallet and my phone plus the charger and set out exactly four thirty in the night, I followed the back and climb through the small fence because if I followed frontage now the landlord might see me so I didn't want to risk it that's why I followed the back, I put one small bag on my back while I carry the other one with my hand, I didn't know where I am going to but t least I will safe knowing that am not in that compound, as I enter the express road my phone started ringing and when I look at the screen I saw Mitchele, my mind skip at once maybe she too can't sleep that's why she decided to call me, oh well I continue looking at the screen whether to pick the call or not, I decided not to pick because I still don't know what to say to her, I have disappointed her so if I want to speak with her it will be direct face to face not through phone, she keep calling me and I didn't bother looking at the screen again because I know its definitely her.

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