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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


I keep walking even though I don't know where I am going, I keep walking towards Temihsmart direction, I didn't even know what happened to them because they just disappear without leaving a trace.
I walk for ten minutes or more till I get to their area, the compound is simple and their house is single too, so I just drop my things in front of the door and relax there, I know nobody will come because nobody live around this, this place is a market place.
I slept there and when I woke up I saw everywhere bright, I look at the time and saw past seven, waoh I simple sleep for more than two hours, that's a good start anyway since the devil in my house won't let me sleep, even the headache have started reducing.
I remain there because I don't know where else to go except to return to village to meet my mama, but no because my sister can simply find me there, I remain there for hours until my phone ring, I quickly check the screen and saw Ria and immediately I pick it up,
“Hello” I said.
“Hello dear, I hope you are ready because am coming to pick you”.
“Of course am ready” I said
“Okay I will be in dumez in the next fifteen minutes” she said and hung up.
I took my small and hang it on my back while I took the other big one and hide at the back of their house where is gate, nobody can easily know that there is luggage there, I kept it there and started walking back to my area and keep on praying on my mind for my sister not to be around.
I got there before her and wait in front of one church so that nobody will see me, five minutes later I got her call telling me shes close, I came out so that she will see me and then immediately I came out she saw me. Guess who?

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