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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


I was overjoy to hear the goodnews, I just can't wait to travel out of this country to go and make money.
I was already alseep when she woke me up..
“Hello dear we are here” she said.
“Where are we?”
“In a hotel in victoria island”
“Oh, so we won't be going back today?”
“If you want we can go back, its almost four now and if we try we can still settle everything before they close around five but I thought you want to rest then tomorrow we do everything” she said still in the car.
“Oh well no harm sleeping in a beautiful hotel like this” I said smiling.
“That's my baby, come on I have a room already” she said opening her door.
I open my door and lock it then I follow her from behind, the hotel is really beautiful it looks like an Arab hotel because of the Arab structure or maybe the owner is a Muslim, we enter the balcony and then straight to the elevator.
“Am taking you out this night with my friends, I hope you won't disappoint me?” She ask.
“Of course I wont, why should I?” I fired back.
“I just want to show you to my friends here in Nigeria too, I told them a lot about you, you will see them when we go out”
“No problem, so far there is much food to eat am ready to go anywhere with you”
Am just trying to play nice beside who wouldn't after seeing a money bag?
We enter one nice passage after leaving the elevator, we walk few metres before she stop and use her key to open the door to her room, when I enter the room I was like “mehn I swear na dangote go get this hotel” at least it fit the description because he is Muslim.
I started walking round the room, it has one sitting, one dinning and two rooms with separate bath, everywhere was sparkling clean and so beautiful, who say money no good? I must get that money oh.
“So welcome to my little room” she said.
“You called this little? Mehn this is heaven” I blasted.

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