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Saturday, 14 April 2018


I was disappointed because I wanted a little action before she leave, I put down my head and its like she knows am not fine with it so she raised my head up and say.
“Am sorry dear, just that am going to a meeting now and I can't go there looking rough” she said with innocent face.
“Its okay I understand, I don't mind waiting for you in Lagos, okay and drive safely” I said trying to change the topic.
“Alright honey, now take this money and use it for your up keep and transport to Lagos” she said giving brown envelop.
“Thanks dear, I will be waiting for you there” I said feeling the weight of the envelop.
“Here is the key to my room in V.I” she gave me the key and then place a Peck on my cheek, I smile and got off while she speed off horning to me as a sign of goodbye.
I make sure her car disappeared out of sight completely before stopping a bus, I enter the bus to Ngo and Temihsmart house where I left my luggage, once I get there I quickly check the place I kept it and saw that its still intact, still no sign of Ngozi and Temihsmart yet.
I check the envelop and saw currencies in thousands, I believe it will be up to hundred thousand because the money is damn plenty.
I took twenty thousand out of it and hide the rest inside my luggage, I sit in front of their house and started eating the fried rice Ria bought for me, I finish the rice, finish the chicken and finish the bone.
After drinking the fruit juice inside I rest for fifteen minutes or more and took took my bag, I check the time and its past five, I think I will still get a bus going to Lagos so I took two drop to iyare motor, the park is even filled up with passengers going to different places, I stand in the line and then book a ticket to Lagos, I look for the bus and enter, within thirty minutes the bus has filled up already.
Am going to Lagos but I won't check inside the hotel until two days so that Ria won't think otherwise.
It was night before we get to Lagos, the bus stop at iyana paja, no need going far this night so I just look for a cheap hotel there in paja and pass the night,.
I woke up the following morning looking tired, I got up and took my bath, I took my bag out and count the money, my eyes were wide open when I finish counting the money, Ria give me a whooping one hundred and fifty thousand naira, I was dumbfounded and happy, I wanted to call her and thank her but I later kick against it, she will call me when she's less busy, I prepare myself and went out to open a GTBank account since their international transaction is better, I use my ID and my hotel number to open the account which they told me to come the next week for the completion of the account and activation, after everything I went to one beer parlour and eat pepper soup I also drank some palm wine, when its three in the evening I return to the boring hotel and lay down in my bed, I took my phone and switch it on, then I started playing game till sleep took me off.
The next day in the afternoon I was already in front of Ria hotel, I talk with the attendant there which he call Ria to confirm before allowing me to go inside the room, I enter inside and walk straight to the fridge to take some wine, I tidy things up and then relax in front of TV, I called the cook and within minutes that same girl enter again.
“Good day Sir “ she said as she walk in with her tight skirt.
I turn to her and smile.
“Why would a beautiful girl like you be working in a hotel?” I ask her.
“Oga no work na if you get better one for me am willing to start immediately” she said, arranging the food on the table.
“Hmmm, fine girl like you should be making thousands everyday, how would you like to make twenty thousand just for this night?” I ask her.
“How Sir?” She seem interested.
“Now why don't you finish with the plates and then join me let's eat, after eating then we will discuss”.
I said smiling.

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