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Saturday, 14 April 2018


She carefully arrange the plate and then relax on one of the sit looking at me.
“Why are you not eating?” I asked.
She look at the food and then join me to eat, I just keep starring at her big boobson, we eat in silence and after ten minutes I broke the silence.
“It's gonna be a very long and cold night, and am not use to sleeping alone especially in a hotel” I said and pause for a moment. She look at me like she knows what am talking about.
“So I was hoping you could join me” I finish.
She pause for a moment and then open up.
“No sir, I don't do such” she said still eating my food.
“Not even for thirty thousand?” I said looking at her.
“I don't do such Sir, am a Christian and a very strong one” she said.
“Oh that's good, am a Christian too and a very tight one, but that doesn't mean we should not enjoy ourself”
“It is against our belief in church, you are a Christian from which church?” She ask from nowhere.
“Am an saint, and you?” I ask.
“Deeper life” she said.
When I heard the name deeper life I take deep breath and then wash my hand, she wash her hands too and then pack the plates up, she put them on the table and started rolling her table.
“Thanks for the flood Sir, I appreciate” she said..
“Oh, you welcome” I said as she walk away, getting to the door I open up and said.
“You won't do it for even fifty thousand?”
She pause for a moment and then continue rolling the table away, she pass the door and shut it.
I wonder why she didn't reply me again or maybe I angered her so she just decided to walk again than for her to say something that will hurt me, I don't blame her though I have heard about deeper life and yes they are really deeper when it comes about serving God, I understand their belief but ………. oh well let me say what's on my mind.
I took my bath and relax on the chair to watch movie till night, I was planning on going out this night to see the beauty of Lagos by night but it seems am too weak to even get up, I walk outside the hotel and bought some drugs and of course some Viagraa, I took them and relax on the mind, I was planning to just rest a bit and continue my movie because I love movie alot but it seems the bed was just too soft that I didn't know when I slept off.
I was woken up a heavy knock on the door, I wonder who the person is because I don't think Ria said anything like coming today, I was tired but I manage to walk to the door and open it, guess who I saw in there?

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