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Sunday, 15 April 2018


“Hey” I said as I saw the beautiful girl in front of me.
“Can I come in” she said.
“Of course, come on in” I shift and let her come in, I lock the door and then walk to meet her in the sitting room, she was already sitting sipping fruit juice.
“Are you surprise to see me” she said as she read my thought.
“Of course I am, I didn't know you will come” I said.
“Oh well, after you the last negotiation I didn't day anything, I hope the offer still stand?” She said still sipping her drink while I remain standing there like and idiot still on my night robe.
“Of course” I said.
“Good, then let's get started” she said and drop the cup on the table. She stand up and walk to me, she took my hand and place it on her boobson, she feel like am not interested so she pause and ask.
“What is it?”
“Nothing, am just confuse not really sure you are here” I said.
“Then I need to wake you up” she said and place a kiss on my lips, I felt the kiss like an electric shock which brought me back to my senses, she remove her lips and look at me, I smile and raise her up directly to my bed, I place her on the bed and pounce on her like a lion.
“Take it easy am not going anywhere” she said, laughing.
I remove my robe and then remove her shirt leaving the bra, I saw tip of her succulent melon, “oh boy” I pounce it oh and as I suck her melon she moan a lot and wine her waist like Shakira, she turn me over and then remove my boxer, she rub my oga before putting it on her mouth, she started sucking while I enjoy the pleasure, she suck me so hard that I didnt know when I release on her face, she lick everything.
She started sucking again and then my oga started rising like deep sea, she suck me so hard that I started wondering if she really is a deeper life member, I wonder how deep her well will be, I can't wait to taste it.
I don't want to release again without going inside the honey well so I draw her closer and she place her lips on my mouth and we lock ourselves kissing like lion and tiger that want to tear themselves apart, she remove her below dress and put her pussay on my face, I didn't know when I started kissing it and then licking it and then chopping it, she was winning on my face like a possed witch, when she can't take it anymore she stop me and balance herself on top me, she took my Dickson and insert it on the disk, mehn the DVD started playing the disk with fast track, no slow motion.
She ride like a professional and I won't lie, surprise was written all over my face, she fvck me so well that I didnt want her to stop, I don't even want to leave the bed again, when I saw her boobson bouncing up and down like felele ball I grab it and started sucking it, I sit up and suck it while she continue grinding me like grinding stone.

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