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Monday, 16 April 2018


The place is really good because I enjoyed all the show even though I refuse to participate, we remain there till two in the night, I didn't bother because nobody is going home so I just feel unconcern, beside no one is going to spank me if I don't return to the hotel on time after all Ria won't return until tomorrow evening.
The dance floor was booming in that the Unknown left me to join them downstair, I didn't bother I just concentrated on my drink, I look at other table and everybody has gone downstair to dance except for few, I saw a white girl dancing alone beside one table and even though her step didn't correlate with the song at least she's trying. E no easy to learn naija style.
The way she's dancing like snake make me wonder if shes from snake kingdom, I wanted to know where she's from so I stood up with my glass of wine on my hand, I walk up to her and ask.
“Why would a beautiful girl like you be dancing alone when there are hungry guys everywhere?”
“Hello, good morning to you too, am not alone my guy went downstair to dance” she answered in a friendly mood.
“Oh well my lady is down there too dancing, since we both free I hope you don't mind if I join you here?” I asked.
“Oh well, I don't mind but my guy will soon be here and i don't want to provoke him” she said taking her sit.
I join her on the sit too.
“Am Ozila by the way and you?”
“Am Angela, what's the meaning of Ozila?” She asked.
“Oh well, it's just a short form of my full name Oziegbe, meaning endurance” I said.
“Oh cool, I like people that can endure I hope you can endure too?” She said smiling.
“It depends on what we are enduring, so where are you from?” I asked.
“Am from South Africa, I came here to visit my boyfriend” she said.
“That's great, and how are you enjoying Nigeria?” I ask her again.

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