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Tuesday, 17 April 2018


I didn't want to argue more so I gently gave her some money and then she walk out, I relax on my bed waiting for morning to come, Ria will return in the evening and then our travel process will continue, I just can't wait.
I was so tired that I slept till ten in the morning, I woke up and started arranging everywhere so that Ria won't see the mess I made in her absence, I arrange everywhere and call the cleaner to clean the remaining ones I couldn't finish, he finish cleaning and walk away with the trash.
I was hungry so I called the cook, I don't know if my unknown friend will be the one to serve me all I know is that am hungry and I want to eat, I don't care who serve the food, to whirl away time I walk to the kitchen and boil water for tea, I made tea and then walk up to the sitting room to continue my film, I was drinking tea and watching movie when I heard a knock on the door.
“You can come in, the door is open” I said and as expected the cook came in with my food.
“I don't even know your name” I said as she walk in gently.
“You dont want to know” she said as she started arranging the food on the table.
“Of course I want to know, just give me a name to call you”
“You didn't ask all this while why do you want to know now?” She questioned.
“Oh well, my journey to Asia is near, this weekend precisely and it won't be fair if I don't know the name of the lady that help me feel at home in Lagos” I said.
The moment she heard journey to Asia she became interested, she pause for some minutes and then continue her work, I stood up and walk to the table, I started eating while she watch me with keen interest.
“So you are traveling outside the country?”. She ask.
“Yeah, that's what am waiting for here” I said.
“Hmm, okay I wish you safe journey” she said.
“Thank you”
I eat in peace while she continue watching me as if am running away today, I finish eating and then she pack the food and walk out without uttering any word.
I took some drinks from the fridge and continue my movie, almost twelve I heard a knock on the door, I open the door and saw my mysterious friend.
“My name is Maryjane, MJ for short” she said and rush me with kiss without allowing me to lock the door, I wanted to resist because I know that it's risky base on the coming of Ria, but my dick won't stop bulging and with MJ delicious boobson I just can't resist, she push me to bed and remove my trouser with force.
“Why not take it easy?” I said.
She didn't listen as she remove my trouser and suck my already hard Dickson, I grab her boobson and press, I place hand on her ass and squeeze it, she moan and then remove her white shirt. She pull her pant down and draw her tight skirt up, she balance on me and insert my Dickson inside, she started ramming me, cowgirl style.
She was fvcking me very hard and fast that we didn't know when somebody opened the door with ease and, annnnnd, annnnnnnnnd.

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