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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


As I said before the apartment have two rooms, one dinning and one sitting room, when you open the door the first thing you meet is the sitting room containing expensive chairs and other things, then in front of the sitting room you will see the dinning chamber, and then on the left there is one room and on the right there is another room with both having their own toilet and bathroom.
When the person open the door we heard the sound and pause.
“Who is that?” I said softly to myself.
“Are you expecting anybody?” the attendant ask with soft voice.
“Yes, my madam” I said and then she quickly jump from me and started putting on her dress while I ran to the bathroom and jump inside the bath.
“Honey where are you?” I heard Ria voice from the other room, she probably went to check the other room first and before she come into our own the girl has finish putting on her dress and she's even cleaning the room.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” Ria ask the girl the moment she enter the room, I was hearing everything from the bathroom but I just pretend as if am taking my bath with ears block.
“Good day ma, am cleaning the room ma” she said with calm voice as if nothing happen.
“I thought your job is to serve food?” She queried.
“Yes ma, but amanda my friend call in sick and she begged me to help her clean up because she can't tell our manager” she said.
“Oh I see, so where is my boy?” She ask.
“He is inside the bathroom ma” she said.
I heard everything they discussed but I just kept shot, I was taking my bath and am enjoying it, I don't want any disturb.
Talking about disturb, I heard the door to my bathroom open softly and then when I turn back I saw my Ria standing Unclad beside me.
“Ria” I said forming surprise.
“And how is my baby doing?” She ask and join me on the bath tub, she sat at the edge beside me.
“Am okay, just that I miss you” I said increasing the water.
“Oh, that's why am here now even before the expected time” she and swim to my side.
“And how was the journey?” I ask.
“Very sweet and boring because I don't have you by my side, though no problem because you are here now” she said and grab my Dickson, she started stroking it and looking at me eye to eye, she climb on top me and started kissing me softly.
“I really miss it” she said and continue stroking me gently, I pressed her boobson and draw her closer, since I can't take it anymore I guide my Dickson inside her and then she started fvcking me gently.
“Is she gone” I ask.
“I don't think so, and how does it concern us?”

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