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Thursday, 19 April 2018


I slept off like a baby feeling tired, I woke up later around eight and got up to the sitting room, I saw her watching tv series can't even remember the title,.
“Baby you are awake” she said shifting for me to join her.
“Yeah, couldn't sleep much” I said.
“And why is that?” She ask.
“Oh well maybe am overjoy, I still can't believe am traveling out of this country, I think am still dreaming” I said.
“Oh well, when we enter India then maybe you will believe and wake up from your dream” she said giving me a peck.
We talk till sleep finally took over.
I woke up around one in the midnight and then I took Ria inside the bedroom and arrange her well, I couldn't sleep maybe because am over delighted or maybe because I already slept in the afternoon, I think of what to do and nothing came so I decided to play a gamble.
I walk out from the room and look for their bar, I saw the bar close to their swimming pool, everywhere was shinning and there are securities everywhere so I wasnt really afraid.
I pull down my dress and enter the water gently, very cold water and then I started to swim, enjoying myself as if this is the last day on Earth, oh well this is my last day here in Nigeria unless am coming back from travel.
I took a balloon and climb it, I was inside the balloon floating inside the water.
“I see you are enjoying yourself” I heard from my back.
I was shock to the point that I jump out of the balloon and dive inside the water, I wasn't expecting anybody, I came out from the water and look up, there I saw her standing close to the water facing me.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I said, bringing my balloon closer to me after the incident.
“I am working, this is my working place remember?” She said.
Of course you know who the person is I don't need telling you.
“Oh well, since you are here why not pull of your dress and join me” I said looking her nice boob.

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