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Thursday, 19 April 2018


“So you want to risk traveling abroad with your sugar mama?” She said folding her hands like an inspector.
“Who told you am traveling to India with her?” I ask.
“Oh come, am not a kid” she said and started walking away.
“So you are leaving?” I said watching her small bum.
“Oh course I don't want to loose my job, and I don't want you to loose your Visa, you know I love you." she said and disappear out of site.
I was disappointed, I was hoping to feel her nice boobs again before I travel out, I hope to see her again because she's fun to be with, and beside she said she love me.
I continue my enjoyment and this time I opened my eyes wide to avoid any surprise again, everywhere was quiet and I really love the environment, this is the kind of place where the common man can't visit, I don't even know how much to Lodge in this hotel all I know is that Ria is taking good care of the bill, with the type of exotic cars here it's obvious only the rich can Lodge here.
I was so carried away with the view, I started thinking about the journey to India and then I remember, we were suppose to start preparing before six so I quickly jump out of the balloon and swim out of the water, I took my dress and walk back to the room, I check the time immediately and saw that am right on track, just after five.
I clean up and then walk to the bedroom, I climb up and relax on Ria body.
“Sweetheart” I called her as I touch her.
“Yes, dear” she answered with sleepy eyes.
“It is time” I said.
“Oh really? Then le…….” She didn't finish her statement then she feel my body and ask.
“Why is your body so cold, did you sleep inside the fridge” she ask and I laugh so hard.

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