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Friday, 20 April 2018


“I went to swim” I said.
She turn and face me.
“You went to swim and you didn't bother to call me to join you?” She ask..
“Come on, you were sleeping like a baby, won't forgive myself if I wake you up from your sweet sleep” I said.
She smile and then said “so you were watching me sleep?” She smiling.
“Oh course, thanking God for giving me a beautiful angel like you” I said.
“Oh baby, I wish I meet you before my husband” she said and got up.
She walk to the bathroom while I remain on the bed.
She came and said.
“What are you still doing there, go and prep up” she said.
I finish preparing already so there is really nothing much to prepare, so I just wash myself up inside the bathroom and put up my dress, when it's six we are already ready to sign out.
We sign out and then she return the car and register it under my name so that anytime I return I can take it, so the car is officially mine from now on.
We took a taxi directly to Murtala Muhammed international airport Lagos.
We got to the airport and everywhere is already filled up with people going up and down, even the ticket hall is filled up and I begin to wonder if Lagos people sleep at all.
I continue following Ria with my luggages of course this is my first time so I have to follow her lead, Airport personnel check us and stamp our particulars after standing on the cue for ten minutes, they check our luggages and clear us, then I followed her to one big hall I thinks it's the waiting hall before departure, we wait there for many minutes before we finally hear from the microphone that our flight is ready, I followed Ria and everybody and then we climb inside the plane and sat close to the window after keeping our luggages, the flight was quit sweet and what do you expect from first class?
They serve us throughout the journey and I slept also.
Our flight arrive in the beautiful city of Mumbai on Sunday, we arrive at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai.

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