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Friday, 20 April 2018


Everywhere was crowded, even worst than Nigeria, if you say Nigeria is too populated then try and visit India you will see over population.
We came down from the plane and immediately they saw me they took me into a room even when Ria tried to talk to them they didn't listen, they took me to an unknown room and started searching me everywhere, all my bags were thoroughly searched and all part of my body too. After satisfying themselves they took me out and there I saw Ria waiting for me, they apologize to her for the inconvenience and she just look them with one eye and take my hand, we took our bags and walk out of the airport using luggage Carrier, there are many taxi waiting, they were in line. We board one and then Ria tell him Marashkatra.
“Am sorry for what happened at the airport, they thought you are a drug pusher” she said.
“Nah, don't worry they are only doing their job” I said.
“Thanks” she said.
While on the taxi I was looking at the beautiful city, the city is not that beautiful anyway just scattered houses like Lagos, I think Mumbai should be the most populated city in India just like how Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria.
Mumbai is beautiful but not that beautiful, but the express roads are better than Lagos road, there are fly over everywhere and train station, it is expected because of the population, I hope Lagos get there rail line working soon.
I don't know were we are going so I can't really explain it, the driver took us to another city inside Mumbai I think the city is called Marashkatra and it is also populated.
Ria direct the driver to one small street with houses on both sides no sight of bush no farm, the driver stop in front of one upstair building and then the driver pack in the front of the building with small wooden gate, more like to drive domestic animal because this definitely cannot keep criminals out.
“We are her” she said.
I came down and look at the environment, it is not bad.
Passersby keep on starring me as I remove my bags from the boot, Ria settled the driver and then I followed her from behind as we open the gate and walk inside the green compound, she open the door to the house and then invite me in.
“There is nobody at home, so feel free and be at home, I know this place is different from Nigeria but trust me you will like it here more” she said.
“Of course I will like it, thanks alot” I said.
“Okay, come on you will stay upstair” she said.
I followed her upstair and then she opened the door to the only room in the stair, I look inside it is small but good, it has big wooden bed, cupboard and small TV, and of course rug. It was clean as if someone cleaned it up.
“I like it” I said dropping my bag beside the cupboard.
“Good, this is your new room.” She said and continue “you should rest and later when my husband and daughter return from work then I will introduce you to them okay”
“Okay ma, no problem” I said as she lock the door and give me space.
I saw a beautiful picture on the wall and when I get closer I saw a resemblance of Ria meaning the girl is her DAUGHTER, waoh this is interesting, my Dickson is already rejoicing.

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