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Saturday, 21 April 2018


“Ozila you are awake” Ria said coming with her daughter.
“Yes ma” I said standing up to greet her.
“Oh well this is good, and here is my daughter” she said touching her daughter on her shoulder.
“Hello, am Riana, please to meet you” Riana said giving me her hand.
I was amazed at her gougeous voice and nice sets of teeth, not to be talk of her beautiful body, she's just like a goddess and I am very sure that she will make me worship her soon, I won't mind worshipping her because her beauty deserve it, I wish I can just make her love and then I steal her to Nigeria and marry her, that will be a dream that can never happen, beside I don't want to risk anything here that will see me deported, not to talk of their evil magic, I might decide to sleep with her now and then my dick will stuck inside her pussycat, I don't want to take that risk.
“Thank you Riana, I am Ozila” I said Shaking her soft hand after coming back to my senses.
“And here is my loving husband Mr Rowan” she said pointing to her husband.
I walk to him and shake him very well and in my mind I was like “so na me and you they share her Honeypot, no wahala I go leave her for you since Virginnn meat they house (referring to Riana)”
We were all happy and laughing at the same time and after the intro Ria and her daughter return to kitchen leaving me and her husband.
Her husband lock me up with a long discussion, asking so many questions about Nigeria, he told me he have two sons working in Nigeria that's why he was desperate to know about the security there, I assure him that he has nothing to worry about that Nigeria are loving people.
He told me what I will like to do in India and I told him I want to school, he laugh and I started wondering why he is laughing,.
“You see Ozila, it wasn't my wife idea to bring you to India, it was mine” Mr Rowan said.
“Really?” I ask.
“Yes, am running some business and I need someone like you, a man from Africa with nice athletic shape to complete the business” he said.
“Okay, what is it about?” I ask with keen interest.
“No worry my friend, let's eat and rest, tomorrow my wife will take you there and tell you everything about the business” he said putting me in suspense.
“Okay Sir” I said foolishly.
“And about the school, if we see how well you handle the business we will enrol you into this school you saw on the way while coming” he said.
“I will do my best sir” I said.

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