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Monday, 23 April 2018


We discussed other things and then Ria called us to join them in the dinning, they prepare rice for me with stew while they eat another thing containing stew.
They pray and started eating, I pray on my mind too and started eating, the food was sweet and I wonder how they manage to cook it, maybe Ria later learn how to cook the food.
We eat in peace and I keep starring at Riana.
After eating we all gather In the parlour to watch movie, They told me they will show me around tomorrow that I should rest today very well, I thank the loving family for their care and then I retire to bed upstair, I kneel down and pray and lie in my bed to sleep, minutes later I fell into deep sleep.
I woke up the next morning to a beautiful day and the sun was shining straight inside my room, I was surprised to see a blanket on my body Because as far as I can remember I didn't cover myself before I sleep, I wonder who came inside to cover me with this blanket, maybe I will start locking my door, but how can I lock the door of a room I don't have? I stood up and open the curtain and there I saw people moving about on the road, I came out from my room and walk down the stair, I saw Mr Rowan preparing for work,
“ Good morning Sir” I greeted.
“Ha, Mr Africa how was your night?” He ask.
“Fine Sir” I said.
“That is good, am going to work so take of the family since you are the only man in the house now” he said laughing.
“Okay Sir, I will” I said.
“Come and see me off, take my bag for me” he said.
I took his bag and we both walk out together.
“So what kind of work are you doing Sir?” I ask.
“Am a construction worker, we have company everywhere and even in your country, that's why my sons always travel to Nigeria to supervise things” he said.
“Waoh that's great” I said.
“Yes it is, my wife will take you to the place today, maybe in the evening or in the afternoon” he said.
“Okay, I can't wait to see it” I said.
“You will see it, and please Mr Africa, don't disappoint me because I strongly believe the business will boom if you agree and we will pay you handsomely” he said.
“Let me just see it first” I said.
we talk till he stop a taxi and enter inside, I wave him bye and walk back inside the house where I saw Riana brushing her teeth.
“good morning Riana” I said as I saw her.
“Morning Ozila” hope you slept well?” She ask.
“Yes sure and you?,”
“yes, I slept well” she said. “I hope the blanket wasn't too big?” She added.
“No, not at all and thanks very much for the blanket” I appreciate her.
“you are welcome” she said.

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