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Monday, 23 April 2018


She gave me brush and then walk me to every corner of the house showing me things, like where to bath, kitchen, small garden and other things, she love talking, I think that's her hobby, because she enjoy it.
After few minutes she left for school leaving me and Ria in the house, we watch TV together and I was surprised that when I tried to touch her she stop me without saying anything.
“What's wrong Ria?” I ask feeling uncomfortable.
“Nothing” she denied.
“Come on, stop saying that I know when something is wrong with you, I understand you completely and tell me please what's wrong?” I ask again.
“and I said nothing, what makes you think there is something wrong with me?” She fired
“Because you don't want me I inside you, which is unusual” I said.
“How can I let you when we are in my husband house?” She defend herself even though I know something is bothering her.
“But they are not at home” I said.
“dosnt matter, look from now on we will do no such thing okay” she said.
“Okay then” I said even though I don't agree but I don't want to anger her, but my Dickson is hard and I need to sexx.
Later in the day when everybody return from work, around seven she took me out to a nice and beautiful bar, the bar is big where there are many strippers both male and female, she introduced me to her big friends, they all welcome me with smile, we even drink together and laugh together, some of them can speak English and one thing I observe is that all of them were looking at my Dickson part all through, I wonder what my job here is.
She took me to the center of the club and then we started watching the male stripper.
“So this is a strip club?” I ask
“Yes, and as you can see that guy don't know how to strip, do you think you can do better, ladies here will die to see a black man strip for them especially with your big Dickson, you will make alot of money if you try it” she said with a smile.
I think about it for some minutes and reject her offer because I can't fit be seeing my pictures on the internet.
“I think I will pass ma” I said smiling as the music keep on playing with people drinking while some are dancing.
“You don't get it Ozila, this is the work my husband was telling you about last night” she said.
“What! You brought me to India to become a stripper?” I shouted.
“Relax, what's bad in it? beside you will make big money and return to Nigeria as a millionaire” she said.
“You can't be serious” I said.
“Oh well, you don't need to start it now, we will give you time to think about it, anything you conclude will depend if we will keep you in India or not” she said and walk away.
I was surprise, I took a drink and watch the male stripper in front of me, how can she be doing something like this to me? I thought she love me more than her husband, she promised to take me to school when we get to India, why is she all hard on me now, she won't even let me sex her, did I make a mistake coming to India? Should I let her deport me back?

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