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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Some minutes later she left and leave me alone in the house, I was bored not knowing what to do till around one when Riana came back.
“You close early today” I said as she walk in.
“No, I came to collect something for practicals” she said.
“Why are you alone? Where is mummy?” She ask..
“She went out to see her friend” I answered.
“Okay, dress up let me take you to school” she said…
“No no no, am okay I don't want your mum to come back without seeing me at home” I said..
“She won't do anything, beside its time you know your ways around here” she said.
“Can you just go without me please” I said because am afraid Ria will get angry that am going out with her daughter.
‘I insist” she shouted at me.
I didnt know when I got up and dress up without taking my bath, I followed her out and then we started strolling to her school, she keep on talking, talking about her school and her friends that they will be excited to see me, she showed me many things on the way, like the mall, the place to barb my hair, cinema hall and other things, she bought ice cream for me which I appreciate.
We enter taxi and within ten to fifteen minutes we arrive at her school.
The university of Mumbai is one of the best if not just Mumbai but in India, the school is big and beautiful, and is very populated too of course that won't be a surprise because of the high population of India, Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and is very busy too.
She took me inside the school where she introduced me to her friends which am not interested in, I don't want to know anybody at all because of the kind of work I will be doing, she introduce five of her female friends to me and we greeted and smile, we walk together to a big restaurant to buy snacks, whether its a restaurant or their cafeteria I really don't know because the restaurant is inside the school and the restaurant is big too, she took me to a quiet building where there is computer, with few people, I think this is where they entertain visitor, she told me to make myself comfortable that she is coming, she on the system for me and leave me there.

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