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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


I check on the system and saw some games, I started playing, I look at the other people beside me they all concentrate on their system too, I wait for two hours before she finally return.
I was angry that she left for long and she apologized that she went for lessons, she said she's done that we can start going home now.
When we got home her mum is not yet back which cool me down, I don't want to provoke that woman she own me here, I took my bath and return to my room to dress, I was putting on my trouser when Riana walk in, I quickly turn to the other side so she don't see my Dickson even though am wearing boxer.
“Am sorry I didn't know you where dressing up” she said, turning her face to the door.
“It's okay, you can come in am done with my trouser” I said.
She look at me and then came closer, she touch my chest and said “you are very hairy” she continue rubbing my chest and then she removed my hand and sat on the bed
“Where are you going?” She ask as she relax on the bed, she was putting on just short nicker and handless shirt, she wasn't putting any bra her tips wear visible, I turn my face to remove any thoughts.
“Going to work?” I said.
“Which work? When did you start working?” She ask.
So she didn't even know that I will be working as a stripper, na wa for her oh.
“Your mum introduced me to a bar yesterday where I will be working, didn't you know?” I ask.
“Waoh, so quick?” I thought they were joking about the bar self, oh well good luck and do you know your way?” She ask..
“No, your mum will come before I go” I said.
“Okay, let me prepare something for you before you go” she said.
I look at her small ass as she walk out and I think she is not wearing any pant too, my Dickson signify.
The girl is really nice, she cooked noodles which we ate together, few minutes later Rica showed up with a tortoise car, she knock on our door and told Riana that her mum sent her to pick me up.
I followed her to the car and then we zoom off, leaving Riana alone in the house, the time is after five.
Inside the busy city of Mumbai located the stripers club where I will be working, the street is filled with clubs and all, she parked at the back of the club and then we both came down.
I followed her inside the bar from the back of the building, the bar is already booming with songs, she told another staff to teach me how to strip, I followed the Unclad girl to a private room and then she asked me to pull off my dress remaining only my pant, she was wearing only pant and bra too and standing beside a pole dancing around it like a snake, only that we are alone not in the midst of crowd.
I removed my dress remaining my boxer.
“Waoh, you are hairing, very hairing” she pause her dance and walk to me..
“How big are you down there?” She said rubbing my chest, I was looking at her fresh boobson through her bra and then she put her hand inside my boxer touching my Dickson, sending signal to my body.
“Waoh, you will bring a lot of customers” she said, bringing her lips closer to mine.

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