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Thursday, 26 April 2018


I started banging her from behind very fast and of course she continue her moaning giving me the strength to bang her faster, I don't know about some guys but as for me I like girls that moan, it is a sign that you are doing a great job.
I remember jeffery one of my friend in auchi, he went to ashawo house to bang one girl with wide pussay, he said he was banging her and she was making calls laughing, he said the girl didn't even blink as if somebody is fvcking her, since then my friend never visit any prostitutte house again.
"Yeah, fvck me faster, faster my boy, I love your di*k my boy, yeahhhhh" she was saying all kind of things as I bang her with naija strenght.
After five minutes I raised her up and make her to lie back on the table while I bang her holding her two legs up, her pussay is not too tight but it is enjoyable,
"Kpai Kpai kpa" that was the noise coming out from the room as I bang her, I wonder why my manager didn't come out because the noise is loud enough to be heard inside the managers office.
I bang her till she started throwing water all over the place, I will enter within two minutes of banging she will release again.
"Enough, am tired" she said with heavy breath and with her Indian accent.
She pushed me away from her body and then after resting for few minutes she bend down and started stroking me with her hands, she was doing it so fast and after five minutes I release on her face.
"You are so sweet, wear your pant and follow me" she said.
I put on my boxer and followed her inside one room, I saw our manager there watching one film.
"That's a hell of a fvck" she said.
"I don't understand, you saw us?" I said.
"Of course, come closer" she said.
I walk to where she was sitting watching movie, she look at my face and point to the screen, I focus on the screen and there I saw myself and the lady fvcking.
"Jesus christ, please you have to delete that video" I said stammering.
"Relax, I won't post it anywhere without your permission, see we do films like this and post on net, the number of views will determine how much we will pay you, and someone with your strenght and di*k, your payment will be high, so what do you say?" she ask.
"I don't know, I thought am only here to strip?" I said.
"That won't give you much money, if you go online you will see a lot of film like this produce from here India, there is money in it, anyway I will give you time to think and I assure you I won't post the video without your approval" she said.
"Okay" I said.
"Follow her back and continue your training" she said.

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