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Thursday, 26 April 2018


I followed the girl that sexx me back to the place and then she started teaching me how to striip and all, she teach me how to dance when am in the midst of different mama, she also teach me what to do even without their permission.
"Even if you remove your d*cck and place it on their mouth they will svcck because they are there to have fun" she said.
"So you know about the recording and you didn't tell me" I ask from nowhere as I was dancing to her beat, flinging my dicksonn as she thought me.
"Relax, if you want to make money you have to join the bad gang or else you will rot here" she said.
I learnt a lot throughout that day and when I finish the manager said am ready for work, she wrote something for me to give Ria when I get home.
She told me to think about her proposal too which I promise to give her answer the next day, she dismissed me around eleven in the night and gave me transport, I came out from the club with my full wear, I started walking home and I also saw many girls waiting for men to pick them up, some came to me but I just pass them ignoring their greeting, when I saw a taxi coming I enter and just called the name of my area, he ask for money which I gave him.
The taxi drop me in front of our street, I came down and walk for few minutes before I got to my house, I knock five times before Ria open door for me.
"How was work?" she ask.
"Fine ma" I said and walk to my room upstair to sleep without eating, beside if there is food I don't think I can eat because I don't have appetite even though my stomach is crying, of course am suppose to be hungry because of the strenght I used in the club.
I heard my door opened and close gently and then somebody walk in, the person sat on my bed.
"Ozila" I heard my name, I turn and saw Ria sitting beside me on the bed
"What are you doing here?" I ask sitting up.
"I know you are not fine with the way you came in, I know I have been hard on you and am sorry" she said.
"Can't we talk about this in the morning? Your husband might find out you are not in the room" I said.
"He is fast asleep and I won't be chance in the morning, all am asking is for you to be patient okay, when my husband leave to Nigeria next week then I will all be yours and we can do what ever we like" she said.
"I really don't want to do anything with you, I just want to concentrate on my work" I said.
"You don't mean that, am really sorry for how I have been treating you please" she said.
She started rubbing my head with her right hand and touching my cheek.
"Am sorry okay" she continued and bend over to kisss me, she gave me a passionate kiss and the hotness of her body increase my temperature from normal to abnormal, the kisssing was soft and sweet and while we are are it, the door open and her husband walk in.

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