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Friday, 27 April 2018


The room was cold and hot at the same time, my bed is situated at the right corner of the room close yo the window, anyone coming through my door the first thing the person will see is my bed up front before any other thing.
I was sleeping on the bed when ria came but I later sat up to talk to her, she sat beside me facing the wall so when her husband came in she quickly withdraw herself a little but still petting my head, her husband saw her back but couldn't understand what's going on because his wife is backing him.
“Honey is he okay?” He ask.
“He will be, am just trying to make him feel right” she said.
“Am alright” I said.
“Fvck that, let her take care of you, after your night work you need proper care” her husband added and close the door leaving us alone.
“And I thought you said he is asleep?” I ask her.
“I know he isn't” she said standing up.
She walk away and close the door behind her, I sigh and relax back on the bed closing my eyes.
Later in the night I woke up and I was feeling my stomach, am so hungry and my stomach is hungry I have to eat something or else I won't be able to sleep again, I got up and on the light, I open my door and walk down the stairs, I didn't want to disturb anybody so I collect touchlight from the wall and use it to direct myself to the kitchen, I didn't know what to check honestly so I check the fridge and saw raw foodstuff, nothing like drink at all, j was devastated and angry, I saw a carton of indomie on top one cupboard so I check the carton but there was no indomie but empty cans like peak milk can, I gave up and return to the sitting room, I sat on the sofa chair and started thinking, I walk to the window and open the cotton, outside look quiet, no movement and no sound, I look at the clock on the wall and its just past three, I don't know what to do because I can't sleep again because of hunger, then I decided to check on Riana, maybe she is awake too and by chance if I meet her sleeping I will just leave but if she's awake I must surely ask for something to eat.

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