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Saturday, 28 April 2018


“What are you doing, i have called your name six times?” She said walking to the TV to lower the volume.
“Am sorry I was just lost in thought, when did you walk in?” I ask.
“The moment you left my room” she said.
“Oh so you were awake?” I ask.
“Not until you lock the door, I thought I heard someone was about to sleep when I heard the TV” she said.
“Am sorry, I came to check if you have anything I can eat” I said.
“Oh, so you didn't eat your food?” She ask walking to one corner of the sitting room, she opened one big fridge that has same colour with the wall, she brought out some food.
“I didn't know there is a fridge there, we have three fridge in this house” she said.
She brought the food to me, its rice and stew but I wasn't in the mood to eat rice.
“Is there no other thing? I don't really want to eat rice now” I said.
“I know you will soon start complaining because you eat rice everyday, weekend you will follow me to market so that we will cook any soup you want”
“Really?” I ask.
“Yeah” she confirmed.
“Meanwhile, will you eat indomie?” She ask.
“Yeah if there is any” I said.
“Okay, wait here let me go cook for you in the kitchen” she said.
“no way, am following you” I said.
*oya come make we go” she said.
“Who is teaching you pidgin?” I ask following her from behind to the kitchen.
“Google” she said.
“You just google pidgin, why are you trying to learn it? I questioned.
“am trying to improve my English so I got diverted to pidgin, I love it so I learn it” she said.
*I can teach you pidgin na” she said.
“You that don't have time” she said.
“Me? Is you that don't have time joor” I defend myself.
She took pot and on the stove, she removed indomie from another cupboard while I sat on one chair looking at her.
“So how is your work so far?” She ask.
“Going fine” I said.
“So you are fvcking the ladies huh?” She ask from nowhere.

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