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Saturday, 28 April 2018


“Which ladies?” I ask as if I don't know what she mean.
“The ladies at your bar na or you think I don't know?”
“No, no am not fvcking them why do you think that?” I ask.
“Oh well how can a stripper not sleep with people he is stripping for?” She fired.
I didn't know what to tell her so I just let the topic die like that, she put the indomie on fire and then turn to face me, she is beautiful no doubt but according to Ria if I mess up with her then I mess up with my career here in India, prevention is better than cure as since our emotion is getting tense and the environment changing I decided to disappoint the devil, I stood up and run to the parlour to sit down, because my dickson has already started misbehaving, I don't blame him though with that beautiful legs who wouldn't get attention?
“Why did you run away?” She ask as she join me in the parlour, she sat on the same chair I was sitting making sure body touch each other.
“Errrmm nothing” I said.
“Okay, the indomie will be done in ten minutes then you can and go back to bed” she said.
“Alright thanks”
“Hand the remote over” she commanded.
I didn't want to stand up so that she won't see my disturbing Dickson so I just use my hand to draw the table closer before giving her the remote, she change the channel.
With her warm body touching me my Dickson remain intact not wanting to rest, she got up and walk to the kitchen, I watch her backside as she move and this time my Dickson started thinking, I stood up and followed her to the kitchen, I saw her removing the food from the stove and without thinking I hug her from her back, she was surprise and she turn and as she wanted to say something I kiss her sweet lips and the moment I remove my mouth a heavy slap landed on my face.
“You are very stupid” she said and walk away to her room, I stood there regaining my sense with hands akimbo, I stood there sorry for what I did but I couldn't even walk to her to apologize because am ashame of myself.
Five minutes later with no sign of her I sat there and eat the indomie with my hands shaking, I finish eating and before going to my room I check on her, I saw her sleeping abi relaxing.
“Am really sorry Riana” I said from the door.
“Get out idiot and lock the door” I did as I was told, am I really an idiot, don't blame me blame my Dickson.

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