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Monday, 30 April 2018


“Welcome ma” I said as she open the door.
“How are you dear” she replied.
“Am fine ma” I answered.
She walked in and saw the empty dinning table.
“I hope u enjoyed your food” she ask.
“Yes ma, thanks very much”
“You welcome, I bought something for you, I hope u like it” she said and hand over a small nylon to me.
“Thanks ma, what's inside?” I ask.
“You will know when you open it, am going to the market so take care” she said.
“Alright ma, go come” I said.
She walk out and I followed her to the door to lock it, I watch her walk to the left side of our house without stopping taxi, maybe the market is close by, so I thought.
I return to the sofa and check what she brought for me, I open it and saw a small phone and a sim card, everything package together.
“Waoh” I said to myself.
The phone is small only for making calls I appreciate anyway i have my big phone which I can insert the sim, I rush inside my room and get my phone, I put the sim and I was surprise that I couldn't make call, they said I have to register it so I started thinking why did she buy it for me and didn't tell me about the registration which she know about, oh well I will just wait till she return.
I wait for her return and when she final return back I told her and she said that Riana will take me to the registration office when she return from school, I said okay even though am not okay with it because of what happened between us, I don't even think she will agree to take me.
She went to the kitchen straight while I continue watching movie, Riana finally return without greeting me and when I told her welcome she ignored and just walk back to her room, I know this will happen anyway just another typical Nigeria girl, and they will say the whites are different.
Ria speak to Riana in their language even I don't hear at least I understand what they were saying, she was telling Riana that she will take me to the registration office but she was saying something like “mami I gat assignment to write” they were arguing so I have to cut.
“I will go myself, just direct me” I said and both of them pause and look at me.

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