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Sunday, 1 April 2018


Ria relaxed in my bed while I cook rice and stew for us to eat, it's getting dark already and am seriously hungry, I just finish arranging my house and Ria is inside watching plasma TV, shes watching a telenova movie called “Rebeca” she so much concentrate on the movie like tomorrow no they, oh well am glad she like it after everything she did for me at least she should feel at home and enjoy for now.
I finish cooking and then serve the food, we eat together while she still continue watching the movie, I don't know Indians love telenova film oh.
“This is good, who taught you how to cook?” She asked after swallowing two spoon.
“Oh well am glad you like it”
“Don't escape the question, how did you learn how to cook?”
“From my mother, am the last out of seven and I live with mom longer than any of us, so I learn alot from her” I said.
“Waoh interesting, so how many food can you cook?” She ask again.
“ I can cook all the food my mother can cook”
“Can you cook Amala and draw soup?”
“Hahahahahahaha” I laugh so hard, I know she will like Amala alot because that's what they eat most in Yoruba land where she work.
“What's funny?” She said looking at me and smiling.
“Nothing really, just the way you pronounced it as if the word will run away” I said still laughing.
“So do you know how to cook it?”
“Yeah I do” (I don't know how to make Amala but I do know how to cook draw soup)
“Good, you will teach me please”
“No wahala I will, anytime you are ready”. (I can ask Temihsmart to teach me because she's Yoruba)
We finish eating and i took the plate to wash, I took my bath and took water for her to take her own, she removed her dress and took my towel, I look at her beautiful body and my body react, I love my body so much because it never fail to disappoint, she went out to take her bath while I relax in bed with my shot waiting for her to come back, after some minutes she return with the towel.
“See how everybody is looking at me”
“Of course, you are different now, what do you expect?” I said.
She wear her pant through the towel and then remove the towel and hang ontop door, she came to meet me on the bed with only pant and sleep ontop me, I draw her closer and wet her luxurious lips, we continue kissing for two minutes, I make her sit ontop me as I relax my back on the wall, she hold my head and continue kissing me softly as she relax on my body like a baby, I started rubbing her boobson and she started to moan slowly, I lay ontop her and started sucking her boobson, she squize my head in pleasure closing her eyes and seeing herself in heaven, I move down and open her leg wide, I started the mission softly, she started using her leg to squize my head, she would have killed me if I didn't remove my head from there, she turn me over and started sucking my dickson, I was rubbing her head seeing stars while she give me the pleasure down below, she climb up and started kissing me and then she use her hand to guide my dickson inside her, as my dickson wanted to enter inside my phone started ringing, I didnt want to pick but she stop and brought the phone for me saying the phone will keep on ringing if I don't pick, I look at the screen and saw Mitchelle (my sister), I pick the call and said
“Hello Mitchele whatsup”
“Hello Ozila, am pregnant”
My dickson devaluate itself immediately.

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