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Monday, 2 April 2018


“Since you won't come back to the room I decided to come out and check what's going on” she said sitting with me on the wall.
“Don't worry just some family issue” I said.
“Oh, can we talk about it?”
“No, it's not something I want to talk about please” I said.
“But you are deeply worried, what do you expect me to do while you are like this? this suppose to be my night” she said.
“Yeah, am really sorry, I was brought up by my grandpa and now my sister just called telling me he's dead” I lied. (But really he is dead)
“waoh, am really sorry dear, come on let's go inside you can't stay out here, it's too cool” she said trying to get me up.
I said okay and followed her in, we sleep together that night, she tried to touch me but my dickson just won't respond, how can it respond when my mind is somewhere else?
I didn't sleep I stay awake throughout that night, I kept thinking what to do, now that Mitchelle has succeeded in given me a sleepless night I hope shes happy, let me even check if she's sleeping self.
I shift Ria from my body and took my phone I dial her number and she pick up at first ring, I quickly cut it and drop the phone, and then a message came in, i check the phone and saw Mitchele message.
She wrote.
“Hi, am sorry for giving you a sleepless night, just so you know I can't sleep too, three days in a row now”
I drop the phone after reading the message and continue thinking what else to do, I will call my friend in the morning I believe there is something she can take to remove the pregnancy, my friend is a doctor and I know him through my mother, my mother is a nurse too.
Throughout the night I didnt sleep I just remain there watching Ria sleeping like a baby, anytime she turn I will quickly close my eyes so that she won't know that am still up, I don't want to her to be worried like me, she has done enough for me and today was suppose to be her day, now I have made it a night to forget for her, am really sorry I will make it up with her I promise, after everything she has done for me she deserve the best of the best.
The following morning I just remain in bed while she got up and greet me, she promised to come later to take me out so that I will stop thinking, she said she don't want me to commit suicide Because with the way am going it's only a matter of time before I commit.
She took her bath and left for work while I took my phone and call Mitchele, I told her to start coming now, after thirty minutes later I got a test from Ngozi.
“Hello Ozila, me and Temihsmart will be in your house in a minute, don't go anywhere it's an emergency”
I wonder what that emergency is, I hope it's not about pregnancy too because if it is, then I better call Ria to start processing my documents.

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