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Tuesday, 3 April 2018


I was confused and started thinking what the problem could be for her to start coming now, i just hope she's not pregnant oh because am not ready for another breaking news unless they want to give me heart attack.
I took my phone and starting typing a message.
“Hi, pls am not at home now i went to upper to visit my aunt i will be back by ten for lesson”
Don't blame me there is nothing i can do, am expecting Mitchele now and i cant afford anybody else now, am a human not a matchine.
I stood up and started walking around the room like a man waiting for his wife in labour, the news about Mitchele pregnancy is really killing me inside, she should hurry up and come let's find a solution, she said she can't meet a doctor to remove it and she won't tell me why, any way let her come first let's see if i won't force her to speak up.
Walking around the room sweating even though fan is on the high level, i took my phone and dial Mitchele number again, she pick up.
“Hello” she said.
“How far now, are you on your way?”
“Yes, i just enter bus now" she replied.
“Okay am waiting for you”
I cut the call and continue moving around, i wanted to go and take my bath but i just cant go out, am just too weak to do anything now.
I return to my bed and started thinking of what to do, i started thinking of a solution. Oh well let her come first.
I waited for fifteen minutes before i finally heard a knock on my door, i stood up to open the door and guess who is standing on the door even after the test.

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