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Sunday, 1 April 2018


Yes totally.
Noooo!!!!,who am I kidding. I can't even lift up a dinning chair without stumbling and falling flat on my butt.
I cleared my throat silently and moved my head up and yelling...
"Who are you?,and what are you doing in my room you imposter"
The girl signed and turned facing me squarely"before you hand me over to the cops,please hear me out" she begged.
I looked at her intensely.
Who's she?
She looks so familiar.
That's because you both have the exact same
features stupid!!
Oh my gosh!,my hands came flying over my mouth,i could hear my heart galloping at a fast rate,pounding against my chest.
She noticed my eyes following every movement of hers and she stopped on her track. Eyes wide,gaping at me like she was lost in my eyes.
I couldn't move.
I couldn't speak.
This is just a dream.
A dream Daniella,I pinched my self repeatedly trying to get up from the horrible nightmare unfolding in my very eyes but I groaned in pain when the whole scenario wasn't replaced with me getting up from my bed sweating profusely whilst muttering 'oh,it's just a dream'.
Facing me was someone that I wouldn't have thought to come across not even in a million years.
Facing me was someone with the exact colour of my eyes.sea green.
Facing me was someone with the exact colour of my hair but a slight difference. Mine was longer and hers was darker.
I couldn't contain the fact that my exact copy was standing before me mouth agape.
Is she like my look-alike,no definitely not.
My look-alikes weren't as pretty as her.
My lookalikes didn't look like me this much. And that scares me. Scratch that,it terrifies my whole being.
She might be my Doppelganger in real life. I thought they were fictional. Oh no I was wrong.
After about six minutes of us staring at each other I finally had the courage to speak up.
"How did you get your hair so dark,and those eyes are exactly the same colour as mine" I commented nodding my head. She gaped at me in horror then shook her head.
"That's all you can say?,oh my wow!,this is so hilarious" she laughed sarcastically then she dropped her phone on my dressing table beside mine. She came closer to me staring directly and murmured a quick "no,she isn't a robot"
I touched her face feeling it in my palms then signed.
"Who did your surgery?" I blurted out.
"What?" She asked confused wrinkling her forehead.
"Yeah,you heard me right. Who was the plastic surgeon?, Doctor Nassif, Dr. Raj kanodia,Dr. Lisa B. Cassileth,or?" I searched her eyes looking for an answer. She turned back and laughed rudely.
I looked down on her clothes and groaned. Seriously?,plain jeans and off shoulder?

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