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Friday, 6 April 2018


she may look like me-,okay. Let me rephrase that. She may look a whole lot like me, but definitely doesn't have a fashion sense.
"I didn't do any surgery" she sighed then continued "let's just get to the root of this okay?,there should be some explanation. I'm Gabriella Grey from Canada" she held out her hand for a handshake. When she noticed I wasn't giving her my hand anytime soon. She brought it down and into her pocket awkwardly.
"I'm not taking those hands,only heaven knows where it has been,and this doesn't explain the fact that you broke into MY room and tried to pretend to be ME!" I pointed an accusing finger at her.
"You're kidding me right?,I was dragged in here against MY will, by some lady who thought I was you,so how's it my fault then?" She groaned.
"Tell that to the cops!!" I yelled taking my phone with me and heading straight for the door.
"No- wait,you can't possibly do that!" She called running straight to me,but I was faster. I got out of the door and slammed it on her face then locked it there after. I heard series of her kicking and hitting the door repeatedly. I shook my head and went straight for the security guards who were standing outside close to the concert's end. I motioned for them but they couldn't hear me, then I tried to move closer to them but was stopped by a loud chirpy voice calling from behind me. I turned to see a girl, same age as me- I think,with her dark brown hair tied up in a neat ponytail and a pair of grey eyes which grew wide as she reached me.
"Gabriella,I've been looking everywhere for you like a damn NEEDLE!!" she screeched annoyingly.
OK,this is awkarrrrrrrrd.
But I was cut short by her loud voice.
"What the hell are you wearing?,where are your old clothes?,what happened to your hair- ugh,never mind,just come with me will you?" she pulled me by my arm taking me to a double decker bus with a lot- when I say a lot. -I mean a whole lot of teens,with the looks of it,they had annoyed expression on their faces. They were probably waiting for us to arrive.
This is a huge mess,I looked back to the security guards but they were now gone. I looked at the bus one more time and the brunette holding my hands.
She mistook me for Gabriella, she thought I was Gabriella, the girl I locked up in my dressing room. who begged me for a chance to clarify things out.
No! No! No! No!
"I'm not Ga-" I started but I was cut off agai n.
"We don't have all day Gee,we need to hurry to the airport right now!" She rushed getting into the bus.
No,this isn't happening.
"I'm a celebrity,not who you think I am" i explained,then she looked at me then burst out laughing hysterically.
"You- (laughs)- a (laughs)- celebrity?(laughs),you wish" she blurted out trying to even her breath and then wiped her eyes with her fingers.
"I'm serious"
"Keep saying that till you get convinced Gabriella" she teased rolling her eyes.
"Now hurry up!" She yelled getting me into the double decker bus with her and it zoomed off immediately.
I tried explaining to her that I wasn't Gabriella but she waved it off, saying I hit my head against a rock or that I only wanted to stay longer. She explained sadly to me that the tour bus meant for taking one of the competing schools around London collided with a truck, but thank GOD it was nothing serious,so her school body was told to go back home till further notice. And the said 'home' means Canada!.

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