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Saturday, 7 April 2018


The following days were almost as usual for Ashi, except the several calls he received from Adamma, begging him not to change his mind. On one of those occasions, Ada had given Ashi a vital information about Snake, albeit she did so unknowingly. She had told him Snake's dad was vying for a Senatorial seat in his district, and Snake had been doing some work for his dad; he was helping intimidate his opponents. Ashi asked for the man's name, and also his state, and noted both. Ashi reminded her of the coming Thursday's visit, and more importantly, the need for her to remain watchful. Ada cried throughout and thanked Ashi for his help.
Since the first time Ada had called Ashi, he had been thinking of how best to get Snake. He knew quite well, that there would be a need for a diversion, a smokescreen which would make Snake loose guard and make him vulnerable. He had thought hard and decided Busayo would be the perfect diversion. He decided to find out about the girl himself, to know if she was up to the task. Fortunately for Ashi, one of his brothers (Angels) was in Busayo's class, and he had her map (daily schedule), so with that, Ashi timed his movements. That Wednesday, just a day before Ada came to see Ashi, Ashi went to Club 100, a Club far away from school, a Club Busayo frequented on Wednesdays and got settled. He went in disguised and sat on a sofa, at the edge of the VVIP room; he had learnt Busayo used that part of the club. Not long afterwards, Busayo came in also disguised. She came in dressed like a stripper with her face coloured and it took Ashi a while before he could realised she was Busayo. Drinking his rum and studying the table Busayo sat closely, he saw some quick exchanges of parcels, and also, what looked like a bank account transfer. Busayo had handed over some substances to the guys, one confirmed them, one kept them and another typed on his phone. Almost immediately, Busayo looked into her phone and smiled. Ashi guessed a credit alert notification came up on her phone. Ashi was smart enough to stylishly record the activity, at least, he recorded the parts where the substance changed hands, and also where there money was transferred. He also had a good capture of the faces. After a while, Busayo left the seat, got dressed and went back to school. Ashi knew the girl was a 'runs girl', a drug dealer, things were getting more interesting he knew.
Ashi got back to his room and met Sete inside. For the first time in recent times, he was alone. Ashi greeted him and handed him a bottle of Jack Daniels he got for him. Setufe's face lightened up immediately and started hailing Ashi. Just then, Ashi asked, 'Baba, that your babe, Busayo, she sounded sure of herself, wetin she dey into? She dey carry job?' Ashi asked, purposely pushing words into Sete's mouth.
'Ashi stubborn, I nor even know for the babe, but I have a feeling she dey do some dirty jobs, maybe she dey knack some politicians. As you dey see am so, she get money die, and she too gentle for me, I no like am. In fact, she like you, but she no sabi how you go take am, based on say I don knack am once', Sete answered honestly.
Ashi's ears became at alert, and decided to get close to Busayo. He decided to date her, not for the money or body, but for her usefulness. Also, the fact that Ashi wasn't in any serious relationship made it easier.
'Baba if you sure say you no want am again, pass am to me na, no shakement, but me sef go give you babe o, and I go knack am before giving you', Ashi said jokingly.
'No problem brother, that's fair enough', Sete respond, drink his Jack Daniels happily, he loved the fact that he would explore more ladies with his friend, Ashi.
Ashi then told him to call Busayo immediately, so they could talk things over. Setufe instead gave him her number, and told him to call her. Ashi did, and less than 30 minutes later, Busayo was in their room.
After exchanging pleasantries, Sete started the conversation.
'Bussy baby, you understand what we had wasn't serious, and you are into Ashi more, we have talked things over, and I've decided to leave you for him. He's a good guy and you would enjoy him'. Setufe ended his brief speech and left the room.
For about 5 minutes after Sete's departure, silence engulfed the room with both Ashi and Busayo having different thoughts. Ashi was thinking of how to hide his pretences, and Busayo was thinking if things would work. After a while, Busayo spoke up.
'So...?' she said.
Ashi looked into her face and decided to man up.
'Busayo, I want you to understand that I'm not trying to play you with Sete, I love the fact that you are pretty, industrious and brainy. You are sharp too. That's all I want in a babe and I'm ready to make you my main babe. I just don't want you to keep anything from me', Ashi said passionately, amazed at how he pulled that off, effortlessly.
'Ashi, look, I'm not a kid. Like I said the other day, I know you are into runs, and at first I just wanted protection from...from everything, but later, I realized I wanted the whole you. I don't know which group you belong to, but I know their would be ladies around you. As long as you make me the main babe, and you don't disrespect me, my money, body and everything is yours, I promise. And eerr, I'm sorry I got down on your friend, it was as a result of boredom, I would give him a replacement if needed', Busayo concluded.
For a moment, Ashi's mind skipped. Busayo was really in love with him, that was a huge one. He decided to play the game to see where it would lead to.
'So baby, would you be my woman?' Ashi asked jokingly.
'Yes I would be your woman, partner, helper and confidant', Busayo said, pressing herself into Ashi, and kissing him passionately. Busayo knew she would have to tell Ashi about herself, and she just hoped he would be able to stand her. She just loved the boy, unconditionally. They were both in 100 level, and still had time to spend with each other. Although Busayo was a freshman, she had done her Diploma in the school, and had known things. As far as drug supply in the south West of the country was concerned, she ranked amongst the top two dealers, the other dealer and her competitor, unknown and interestingly, her competitor was close to her (the identity would be revealed later on).
After a while of embracing each other, Ashi told her about Ada's visit the next day, and requested if Busayo could follow him. She promptly agreed, as she could help decipher the truth from Ada's behaviour. They were sure going to be a wonderful pair, mad couples she thought. She knew Ashi was likely to be a new initiate, she however believed his rank would go up with time, and she would stay with him through thick and thin. After some chit chat, Ashi told Busayo to go home and prepare for the following day. Although she wanted to sleep over, she respected Ashi's authority and drove home. While going home, she made a mental note of giving Ashi a car soon. She loved Ashi, and nothing would stop that fact.

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