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Saturday, 21 April 2018


It felt so cold, like i was in a bad dream.
I could hear myself screaming but no sound was made. It looked like i was locked in a dark room, oh God, the man must have gotten to me. Why didn't Austin save me or was he part of the plan?.
Why did i have to be curious?.
And why is my body not moving. Have been trying to move my body for hours, why isnt it moving?.
After a long while of silence i began to see the bright light of the sun, it hurt to open my eyes but i did.
When i finally opened it, i saw my dad with Austin by his side saying something to themselves
when Austin noticed my eyes were open he rushed to my side followed by my dad
'Abi, Thank God your alright' he said with so much worry in his eyes.
I tried to speak but my mouth felt heavy so i kept quiet instead.
After hours of doctors running tests on me, i got the strength to speak
'Wha...what happened'
'Uhmm...' Austin said with so much hesitation
'Abi, you suddenly collapsed at the ball' my dad said with a “dont worry its nothing” look on his face.
And Austin filled me in on the story but what was strange was, it wasn't what i remembered happened last.

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