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Saturday, 21 April 2018


Sophie POV**
Balefield High School is one of the best High in pincity, it's filled with kids with high influential parent, senators kids,Businessmen kids, the interior and exterior designs of our school is to die for.. .
My school is already in sight, but the crowd before me is devastating, the kids cannot know am back yet... What caught their interest?? As I could see almost one third of the school kids outside, staring and almost knocking each other off to take a look at something ..... Curiosity edged me, I came down from my car and moved forward to the crowd, but what I saw in front of me was impregnable..
" mum said she will take care of it, she said I could go back to school...
Oh my God!
Oh my goddess... What should I do?
I couldn't help it as tears rolled down my tears, this caught the kids attention and they started mumbling
Is that not Sophie smith?
Oh, she's back?
I heard her father's murderer wasn't caught??
Some one said she witnessed the murder??
Their words were like knives piercing my fragile heart, no... I can't take this anymore. ..i ran to the nearest girls restroom, I heard some teachers running after me but I didn't stop until the restroom door was safely closed behind me, then I dialled my brother's cell phone number
"Matthew ," I whispered softly to him on cell
"Sophie, am coming right now.......
Dash POV
"hey, man why is everywhere in chaos?, did a ghost came back to life " Brian asked
"ghost indeed, how am I suppose to know we are just arriving "Dash said shaking his auburn hair
" but man it ought to be else their complete attention will be on you" Brian said smiling
"yeah, cause am the INFAMOUS senator's son! Yeah I know" Dash replied
" don't make it sounds so bad" Brian countered
"You, yourself knows what it cost me, let go to class okay" Dash countered making an attempt to move
"No No no,let's ask someone what the hell is happening" Brian said with a smirk
"fine" dash drawled sarcastically
"hey girl" Brian called someone, I guess the girl should be of the lower class cause she didn't have the higher class ID. Yeah that's how crazy our school was, the higher class has VIP ID it's like a password to some things the lower class ain't permitted to
" what's happening? Brian asked
"Sophie Smith is back and she hid herself inside the girls restroom" the girl said as if she herself didn't believe it
"What!!! "Brian retorted behind me, but am already on my heels to the nearest restroom I could find. ..i saw teachers and students lining up in front particular restroom I guess that's where Sophie is,
But Matt was there before I could reach her..
"Sophie,Sophie" I called her but she only stared at me with disgust..
Yeah I guess I deserved that, for all I did to her, I was condemning myself when Matt suddenly landed a punch on my cheek
"stay away from my sister, I don't wanna see you thirty miles from her" Matt retorted holding my collar
"I don't report to you, Matt, whether I near her or not depends on her, not you" I replied yanking his hands off me then I walked away....
Oh, Sophie am so sorry

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