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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


When I got home that same day, Mum wasn't around maybe she went for some event or so, she would have told us about it this morning though. .maybe it was urgent, I wouldn't bother much about it,Matt ain't home either I guess he's off to the office.... OK, so that left only me at home
My cell phone beeped alerting a new message, the phone is a new one, nobody has my number yet well excluding mum and Matt. .... But the message was anonymous... I clicked on it and immediately knew it was from Dash
Hi, Sophie dear, was surprised when I saw you today, kinda happy though ,I know you are probably upset with me, but please let's talk about this .
**How in the living clouds did he manage to secure my number, and who did he think he his? Am I still upset TF, am not only upset , I want to strangle the hell out of him....jerk jerk jerk I was smashing my pillow blindly.... I almost result to tears but I promised my self that no tears for him again. I heard the rumbles and chats downstairs,i guess they are back, but am not really in the mood to chat with anyone, so I just brought out my history book to prepare for tomorrow. ....
Dash POV
"come back here, young man " My father was saying when I walked out of him. Come back here Dash or I will freeze your account
"freeze it, do anything you like I don't care "I retorted back angrily. The guts he has to threaten me...
"Are you talking to me like that?" Mr Wayne drawled. Get out if my sight now
The man thinks the can have me at his back and call, after he took the love of my life away from me, he even murdered her father, I can't tell the police because I don't want my father to go to jail , I myself didn't believe he murdered Sophie's Father until I eavesdropped it from his colleague.. I couldn't contain my contempt for him that day, it was after he won the election, Dad previous crimes didn't guarantee him of the senatorial seat, maybe that's why he played dirty at me and Sophie's expense....
Sophie should probably have a new phone by I called the telephone agency and pulled some stings with their CEO, he immediately sent me what I seek after I promise to secure him a meeting with my Dad... Of which I have no intention of doing, so I immediately texted Sophie..
Hi, Sophie dear, was surprised when I saw you today, kinda happy though ,I know you are probably upset with me, but please let's talk about this .
I know she's probably not gonna answer but it still do my heart good that she read it, should I pay her a visit? No, bad idea. Fuck am too impatient, she's not gonna come back to me if I continue like this.. I have to be patient I keep telling myself this but my heart won't listen... I heard my door opened but I was too engrossed in my Thoughts
"Dash, son" I heard mum whispered through the door. May I come in?
"No mum, I don't want any audience please " I mumbled expecting her to leave me alone.
"okay, son Goodnight " She replied. I could sense the withdrawal in her voice, we were once very close before the tragic incident four months ago. I withdraw from her and everything I was familiar with, my body and soul was empty without Sophie even mum can't fill the hole her absence left inside my heart.... I wasn't aware that tears were falling down my cheeks until it pumped on my phone....
I will have my girl back, I just have to.. I can't leave without her, these previous months were hell on earth, now that she's back, I just have to have her back in my life....

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