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Monday, 16 April 2018


It has been 3long days since that dreadful day Jake put me under house arrest. I haven't seen anyone,not even Cathy or Sophie. I kind of missed them and its crazy that I also missed Jake,really badly. Maybe its the mate pull. I have been stuck in my room googling about wolves ,werewolves and witches. I learned quite a lot actually, I have learned about mates,the bond,Alpha,that the Alpha is the leader of a pack,he has a beta who is second in command and a Gemma who is third in command;it also has higher ranked wolves like the Delta,Zeta,Eta,theta,Epsilon and the Luna being the Alphas mate. Unfortunately I learned that a pack also has lower ranked werewolves known as omegas. Throughout history omegas have been mistreated and abused till now just because of their inability to shift into a werewolf or because their wolf is premature, too small and weak.
Right now I was looking like a caveman with my hair in a very messy huge onion bun,no make up,wearing only a huge baseball T-shirt and denim shorts. My room was filled with empty packets of chips, chocolates, sweets and empty bottles of coke. I had decided that I wasn't going to cook and since Cathy and Sophie weren't coming to keep me company I would just literary lock my self in my room with junk food,my phone and laptop. What more did I need?,lucky for me I had a bathroom in my room. Everything was perfect.
I sighed loudly laying on my stomach on the floor and flicking through a fashion magazine. To say I was bored would be an understatement . "you
should apologize to mate." Nina stated in a bored tone. I rolled my eyes, "don't you mean 'he' should
apologize to me,I'm not the one at fault here." I dead panned. I could feel her growling in my head,it was still a bit weird having a werewolf spirit but I was getting used to it. "Its your fault!,if
only you hadn't gone to that stupid club this
wouldn't have happened ' Nina growled. I couldn't help but feel angry ,"i don't give a shit!,Nina he
has no right to keep me locked up in here!...he
has no right to tell me what to do or anything
else. I'm sick and tired of people trying to control
me when clearly they have ...NO RIGHT!. I am my
own person and I'm definitely not ten years old!. I
can do whatever I want!" I yelled at her hardly breathing. I heard her whimper,she did not reply which was a wise decision because I was about to explode and Nina was the last thing I wanted to bombard with hurtful words.

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