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Monday, 16 April 2018


Chapter 3

For Ronke, she was about to begin the last phase of her journey of secondary school education. SSS 3. The school had just finished the last term of the SSS 2 session.  Various students looked forward to the long vacation given to them before they start preparing for their final exams. Well, it’s kind of different for Ronke because she reads every now and then.  The only difference is that she’ll stay home, probably go out to visit friends and family but she’ll still continue her school work at home trying to cover the syllabus. The last week of school before vacation, Tola worked up the courage to walk up to Ronke and have a chat with her. He has been admiring her for a while now but he never got the courage to talk to her.  Tola has a quiet and shy personality. He’s a small talker ain’t a group of people and around those he isn’t familiar with.  But when he gets familiar with you and you become close friends, Oh My Gawd! Tobi will tear your eardrums out with all kinds of talk.  He always finds something to talk about. He’s a fun person and a really cool guy once he gets out of his shell. 
“Ronke! Ronke!  Please wait up.  I want to speak with you.” He called out to her.  Ronke stopped,  wondering why the class “Cute Mute” wanted to speak with her.  The nickname was given to him because of his no talking attitude. “Uhmm…  I was wondering if we could hook up during this break.  That is if you are free” He asked while scratching the back of his head. She smiled and said she’s okay with it. She went home smiling.
The holidays started good for Ronke.

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