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Sunday, 8 April 2018


The cooler I was holding automatically fell down from my hand and when I look back I saw them, my landlord and landlady coming out from their back door.
“Good evening ma, good evening sir” I said with a low tone and shaking voice.
“Welcome, sorry we startle you I hope your food no throway?” She said as they both came closer observing the cooler that fell down.
I pick it up and saw that the that the food didn't open at all and I was glad.
“No e no troway” I said and then the landlord open up.
“Your sister and some other guys came to look for you they wait for hours and tried your line but we didn't see you and your line was off, they said you are running away from them” he stop and wait for me to answer.
“So that's why you guys change the key of my door?” I ask.
“No it is your sister that change it, so why are you running away from them?” He ask again.
“Am not running away from anybody I went to a night party and slept in a friend house and they didn't have light to charge my phone, immediately I power my phone I called my sister and told her what happened” I lied.
“Okay that's good because she told us to make sure you don't run away again she will be coming back early tomorrow morning” he said.
“Am here am not going anywhere apart from my class which she know already” I said even though I don't have class.
“She will be here before eight so you can still wait for her till she come” he concluded and started walking away speaking Bini language with his wife which I don't understand.

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