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Monday, 16 April 2018


On Wednesday me and the unknown girl went out to party, she is not on duty today so nobody is going to disturb her, as for me Ria said I should flex and enjoy till she return and yes am really enjoying myself.
We went to a party, they won't allow us enter until we show them our ticket, the attendant brought out her ticket and show the big man on the gate, he allowed us to enter and I ask the girl why we need ticket to enter. She said today is “lady's night out” and they don't allow anybody to enter except by invitation or you can follow a friend with a ticket.
We enter inside and everywhere is already booming with music and all, we walk inside to find a place to sit down, on our way by my left there I saw some fat lady's smoking like ganga men, infact the way they are smoking those ganga guys are learning.
We walk pass them and enter the cript where the real show is happening, the MC is saying some things while people that care listen to him while others concentrate on one thing or the other, everywhere was filled up that we have to find a place upstair to sit, even if we go upstair we can still be seeing everything that's going on because the upstair has a nice view like a church, I don't know what to call it.
We climb up holding each other's hand and then we find a place and sit down, she excused herself and walk out to get some drinks, she brought suya meat too which I can't wait to devour.
The show start with a dance and then later on they started doing competition which I refuse to join even after much persuasion from the unknown girl, since I don't want to join nor dance she stood up and started dancing in front of me, she started twerking her ass as if she have it, she don't have big ass but the little she has she really knows how to shake it like Shakira.

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