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Saturday, 21 April 2018


I took the picture from the wall and look at it very well, the girl sure look like her mother, she dress normal with a graduation gown, so it's either she's done with school or just starting.
I return the picture to the wall and look around very well, I walk to the window and from there I can see who is coming to our house, I can even see the road from here and that makes it perfect, I can always know when somebody is coming in case of any emergency.
I removed my wears leaving just my trouser and then lie on the bed to sleep, it didn't take long before I was taken to dream world, you won't blame me now would you? Because I have been on the road for long I seriously need to rest, I know night will soon reach but I can't just wait because my eyes were heavy.
I wake up when I heard a little crack on my door so I opened my eyes gently only to see a beautiful girl starring at me, she was putting on trouser with nice t-shirt, she then back it up with a sweater, she was carrying a school bag on her back too.
Immediately I saw her I gently close my eyes again because I believe she think am sleeping, she walk to the cupboard and remove some of her things, she left me alone after giving one more stare.
I opened my eyes and realize that night has come, I know we have introduction to do and food to eat beside am seriously hungry, so I got up and put on my singlet with same trouser, I came out from my door and started walking downstair gently, there was noise inside the parlour and when I got there I saw a man watching TV alone.
He didn't see me because he was backing me so I greeted him.
“Good evening sir” I said and he quickly turn around to see me looking at him.
“Waoh, at last you are awake, come and join me here” he said with a smile even though his English is not that good at least he is trying.
“Okay sir” I said walking to him and I sit opposite him.
“So how are you?” He ask.
“Am fine sir” I said.
“Welcome to India, and I hope the journey wasn't so rough?” He said.
“No, It was great” I said smiling.
Maybe they heard our voice inside Ria and her daughter came out from the back, maybe from kitchen because the girl was holding a tray filled with Tomatoes.

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