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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


I was dumbfounded like an idiot, assuming she told me from the beginning that am coming to India to become a stripper I would have gently rejected and remain in Nigeria, after all my loving mum will always accept me back no matter the situation.
I took another drink and continue sipping thinking about my life, if i let her deport me now my coming to India will be a failure, I will be back to square one and that's something I don't like, my sister will reject me for impregnating my other sister in fact it will be a miracle if I don't go to prison because mitchele brothers are really wicked not to talk of the most senior who is a police officer.
I continue thinking and then I concluded that am not going back to Nigeria, I must get rich here before returning, I can't come and go back empty handed.
I look around and no sight of Ria, I walk over to other place where I saw the women earlier, and there I saw her chatting with them.
“Can we talk?” I ask her.
“of course” she answered and excused herself from the women, she followed me back to the hall she left me.
“So have you make up your mind?” She ask taking a sip.
“Yeah, and I concluded that I will do it” I said.
“Now you are talking my dear” she said and poured a drink for me.
“Let's drink to celebrate” she said.
“You know what we were talking about before you walk in just now?” She continued.
“What?” I ask.
“They were asking me how good you are in bed, I told them that you are like Samson in your Bible, they are ready to spoil you with money so far you spoil them with your Dickson” she said and took another sip.
“Hmmm okay, when do I start the work?” I ask..

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